Knight of Mediterranean DLC Info

Things that we get from the screenshot and trailer

  • European outlaws: Muskeeter outlaw, Hussar outlaw, Inquisitor (torch guy), Gunmen, Plague Doctor
  • European natives and mercenaries: Irish Brigadier, Armoured Pistolier, Royal Muskeeter, Royal Horseman, Polish Winged Lancers! Chevauxleurs
  • Historic maps and also European Random maps!
  • New light infantry tag
  • Italy and Malta uses existing revolutions.
  • Rework for previous revolution units (Pandour, Crabat…
  • A lot of units gets passive, charged or active abilities.
  • New archetypes: Skirmishers that counters skirmishers, Light cavalry good against all units…
  • Not federal/alliance age up. Probably some politician rework (Imperial knighthood one)


House of Bourbon: Frenchs
House of Wittelsbach: Germans
House of Oldenburg: Germans
House of Hanover: Germans
House of Phanar: Greek
House of Jagiellon: Lituania
House of Vasa: Swedish and Polonian
House of Habsburg: Austrians
House of Wettin: Germans

What more? Correct me if I get something wrong


This is already the case in the current version of the game :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, it has been a while since I faced one. They melt my strelets!

Italian revolutions
Argentina, Brazil, United States and Barbary States.

Malta Revolutions
Barbary States and hungary.


bombards are one of my favourites, even outside of playing ottomans, playing basketball with units by blasting them with bombards in scenario editor is just pure fun

You know, it’s funny, when I first heard of AOE3, before I knew about its campaigns, I thought it would feature the Russo-Turkish war as one of its campaigns. xD

Europe maps?! Finally! Hype!


A bit more clarification

House of Bourbon: Frenchs
House of Wittelsbach: Bavarians, bohemians
House of Oldenburg: Danish, Swedish
House of Hanover: Brittish
House of Phanar: Greek, Romanian
House of Jagiellon: Lituania, Polish
House of Vasa: Swedish and Polonian
House of Habsburg: Austrians
House of Wettin: Saxon


A bit more clarification:

House of Bourbon: French, Spanish, Italian
House of Wittelsbach: Bavarians, Danish, Rhenish (Bohemian not really that I am aware off unless you count them due to the winter king which is a bit odd)
House of Oldenburg: Danish, Swedish, German!!!? Hello, duchy of Oldenburg
House of Hanover: Brittish, Hanoverian?
House of Phanar: Greek, Romanian
House of Jagiellon: Lituania, Polish
House of Vasa: Swedish and Polish
House of Habsburg: Austrians, Spanish, Lorraine so French I guess, Burgundian, Netherlands, Belgium, Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Bohemian, Slovakian, Romanian/Transalvanian, Croatian
House of Wettin: Saxon, Polish

And I probably missed a few.


I only pointed out their place of reign not origin … to see what units they maybe able to train… for example it is clear that hannover would be able to train Irish units and highlanders probably as they ruled britain

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All places I listed were the places were they reigned.

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Habsburgs on every map incomming xD

Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube.

List of European maps please

Houses of Phanar is actually Moldovan too.
Look that picture.

And that flag:

I added all unit names of European Royal Houses on the wikia, on the Minor civilization page.

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New part of the world means new treasures and I’m happy with the humor so far


Check this thread.


cool I can beat the crap out of Russia in today’s Ukraine.

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do we have the new civ themes yet?

If you really want to play as Ukraine and you like AOE3, give Cossacks 3 a try. Same time period, RTS, playable Ukraine civ.