Knights for Dravidians

In my opinion Dravidians should be given Knight Line.

  • This would make their stable usable.
  • The wootz tech combined with Knights will give an interesting effect.
  • This would give already slow Dravidian army some mobility option to counter archers.
  • It will add more civ variety to the game by making Dravidian cavalry options differ more from Bengali.
  • Historically Dravidians did have descent cavalry, look at their campaign heroes.
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This is most likely never happen. There are several good reasons why.

First, none of the dynasties of India civs get knights. This follows a similar trend as the meso civs all of whom doesn’t get knights.

Second, it is fine to not get knights. It mixes up the play styles and creates some variety.

Three, there are some people in the AoE2 community whose sanity is held together by the fact that dravs have terrible stables. If you give them knights, these people will complete lose it and will probably do something unsavoury.

I would say that dravs do need a viable replacement for the knights. The other civs have ghulam, shrivamsha, camels, and ratha which do the same thing. But dravs shouldn’t get knights.


Lacking mobility is a bad civ design indeed. I am not against giving them knight without upgrade like Saracens.

Or enable Urumi swordsman to have higher speed after charged attack ready.

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Just give them Eagle Warriors, easy.

Why would they get meso units?Pretty sure dravidian peoples did not get dressed like animals to go to war.

Change the name and the unit sprite.
And maybe give it a little different stats but tagged as an Eagle Warrior.

New Regional Unit for South and South East Asia.

Based on this AoE3 unit:

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The Gurjaras represent the Rajputs. They were famed horsemen and need something. Maybe a unit called the Rajput. A sword wielding cavalry.

Something like these.

Dosent this make them a different unit then?

Nope, that’s not dravidian. You can probably find something analogous to an eagle, but this isn’t it.

Gurjaras already have the highest amount of UUs at 3. Also, this has nothing to do with the thread, what point are you trying to make here?


If the stats are the same and just a different sprite it would be the same unit. Basically like the Mesoamerican Monk.

But if the stat changes it would be a new unit, yes.
But all 3 Elite Eagle Warriors have different stats anyway because of their unique technologies.
This one would ignore amour, which I guess is a good enough bonus on it’s own.

That was just the inspiration.

That post kinda confused me too, especially since they already have a cavalry UU like that.

This is ridiculously lazy as a buff for Dravidians and won’t even buff them really, since their knights will become pure garbage past castle age, or even middle/late castle age.

How so? They are getting wootz steel tech in imperial age only. If this is not enough then Cavaliers upgrade is also there.

how about giving them cavalry archers instead of knight and +3 spearman armor to pikes?

They are meant to play elephant archers. Cav archers are out of question.

Out of curiosity. Do people not raid with Light Cavalry or Elephant Archers?

Even the Old Indians get cavalry archers and elephant archers. It does not conflict with the Indian identity lacking knight. Besides, Indian civs get elephant rams as common line like meso getting eagles.

Their are only 4 slots in every building UI.

Archery Range is filled with Archer, Skirmisher, Elephant Archer, HandCannoneer.

You will have to remove one of them to introduce Cavalry Archers.

Yes those are the only options right now but none of them is feasible in the long run that’s why this topic exists. One is too slow (elephant archer), while the other (scouts) is too fragile as dravidians lack a lot of upgrades. They lack husbandry on top of that.

I have to check how is UI of Drav siege workshop. BBC should be in the next row?