Knights for new civs

2 of the 3 new civs (bangali and dravidian ) do not have any tanky, fast and mass/spamable knight like (anti archer unit). while bangali do have ratha but it needs castle.
This was previously balanced by giving imp camels to indians. Lack of both in these civs just makes them not able rush enemy.
Even shrivamsha riders dont stand chance against group of 12-15 cross bows.
These civs do have elephants but those are slow hence easily caught and finished by spear line as they have more bonus attack

People were complaining about knights and xbows all the time. What better way to stop that dominance by removing knights from new civs? :smiley:


Literally since the last khans until dynasties of india all civs have access to knights, time to rest.


Dravidians have ultra skirmishers against archers.

And both have elephant archers

I think they are far bwtter against archers than burmese

you are supposed to make counter units more with these civs and, once you get the advantage, raid the economy with something like Shrivamsha Rider or Hussars.

I think the idea the devs have is that these civs don’t get Knight-line but late game I think the devs think they should “default” into Elephant Archers. Whether Elephant Archer is a viable 1v1 late-game unit, I’m not sure about, but I’m almost certain the devs want you to make this “late game power unit” as opposed to Knights as the new civs.

I for one I’m happy that with the new civs you can’t default into mass Knights and you can’t default into mass Arbalest, noobs will get punished hard by these civs due to bad habits but good players will shine.


:smiley: Elephants and Elephant archers the new meta :smiley: :smiley:

no more knight spam please, a lot of people already get sick of Xbow and knight spam all the tme. It’s time to try something else, Elephant archer seems very solid against Xbow spam, camels get a lot of buffs with these new civs to punish knight spam. Bonus for elephants are really good.
The next step should be removing knghts entirely from steppe civs and buff steppe lancers.


Yes we are all sick of the Franks-Britons/Ethiopians duo in TG but unfortunately that is still the meta. Even though Elephant archers gained some speed now, they’re too expensive to play as a castle age unit in TG and die a lot faster to skirms because of -7 cav archer armor in 1v1. So the meta remains undisturbed.

Yes, I get that people hate knights spam But what does a dravidian or bangali player do when enemy is raiding with knights or CA your units cant catch up with them
they can just keep killing vills and run when see spears/skirms

Bengali have camels, right? Dravidians true, their army is very immobile. I guess you do the same as Celts would, where you bring the action to them through Hoang, not sit back and get raided to death!

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nope, only BE and scouts, Not even Hussars

I can’t believe it, for once I’m not making the mistake of thinking the new civs had Knights and still end up making a mistake

Go monks, aaa!!!

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