Knights/Men at Arms more colors & clothing

Ik it’s easier to do the player colors like all one single color,

like if ur player blue all ur units go blue etc,

but i’d like a variety like it actually was in the middle ages, with the 4 squade clothing. specially at age 3 which is high medieval, the plate armor units shouldnt just be one color they should be way more colorful.

e.g. royal house tabards /colors being worn by units, not just one single color.

check out that mannorlord game thats coming out or even War of the Roses mod on Bannerlord

this would add soo much more immersion to the game.

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Yeah it’s very sad the option they went with, combined with the fact the player colours are these awful neon colours, they could definitely do better

Even just adding one more colour to unit uniforms (similar to how much more immersive things like landsnek, and Malian units are with their uniforms that aren’t just saturated with the player colour)