Known Issue: Font Style Legibility

We are currently aware that some text in the game may be difficult to read due to size or font style. We are continuing to review this. Please post examples to this thread including the following information:

  • Build number
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store)
  • Do you have any options enabled which may impact the text? (Such as UI font size slider, or a colorblind mode)
  • Location of text (Is it in a game menu, lobby, etc? Is it in a campaign, if so, which mission and what triggers the text?)
  • A screenshot of the text highlighting the readability issue
  • Description of what aspect of the text is difficult to read (Too small, blurry, etc)

I would say that the build number is the first thing that is hard to read, because it is light text on light background.

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Maybe the bottom-right corner of the screen would be a better place for that information. On the one hand, the background is darker there, on the other hand, usually this technical piece of information shouldn’t really be important, so it should not be in a central location in my opinion (and could use a smaller font).

Rendering of the serif font is all sorts of messed up, particularly for italics. Some letters appear to sit above the baseline (see the i in will) and some letters seem to be more “italic” than others (see the m in Lumber Camp).

Overall the font just looks really ugly, but I’m unsure what part of that is rendering issues and what part of that is an intentional choice.

Version 101.101.32708.0 0 from the Microsoft Store
Tooltips at 50% size (although issues still appear at 100%)

So there are some things, for example cannon galleon, that you cannot read the full description of because the box showing the information goes out of the picture of the game. In the screenshot you can see most of the cannon galleons text box, but not it’s stats in form of HP, atk, range and so on. This goes for some of the other things in the techtree as well.

I play on Steam with the version 101.101.32911.0 4395365

Menus and post-game dialogs don’t obey sans serif setting. Also similarly to the above, “Elite Battle Elephant” does not fit in the unit box in the tech tree. At least at 3240x2160.

The font is overall VERY HARD to read (everything is blurry), the hardest being descriptions of mods. It’s literally illegible. Too small, to blurry.
Steam, version 101.101.32911.0 4395365

Build Number: 101.101.32911.0.4395365
Platform: Steam
Location of text: in a DeathMatch mode
The letters on “Ethiopian WeightLifter” look like they are pixelating.
And if you look at the action images on the left, I am having a hard time seeing what I am looking at. Particularly, the images of House, Windmill and new Town Center are very low quality.

Yellow line on tooptip is bugged on 1080p resolution.

That might be the commonality - I also have 1080p resolution. Are you running it on your laptop or external monitor? Mine is an external monitor.

Is there anyway to increase the font size. its so small that i can’t read anything. i am playing on HP specter 360 laptop.

They didn’t fix this yellow line problem with December update.

This is definitively a bug, because you can almost (but not completely) get rid of this yellow line, if you change tooltip scale.

Look (tested with 12/17/2019 build):

  • 100% HUD Scale, 75% tooltip scale (default settings):

  • 100% HUD Scale, but with 74% tooltip scale. You can see the line is gone on the first image, but it’s still there on the second:

I am Italian and I write through the translator, I hope you read my comment. Thank you in advance.
I can’t read any writing, the basic descriptions are too small during a game.
Could you solve this problem?
Alternatively I would be forced to ask for a refund.