Known Issue: Translation & Localization (German Language - Deutsche Sprache)

We are aware that there may be issues related to translation or localization of the game. Please consolidate all reports regarding the German language in this thread. Please include the following information:

  • Build number
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store)
  • Location of text (Is it in a game menu, lobby, etc? Is it in a campaign, if so, which mission and what triggers the text?)
  • A screenshot of the issue
  • Description of what was mistranslated and a suggestion for replacement.

Please be aware that Developers and AOE Staff commenting on this thread may not know the language, and are utilizing translation software to understand what is being reported, so that it can be properly documented and passed to the Localization team.
Wir sind uns bewusst, dass es Probleme mit der Ăśbersetzung oder Lokalisierung des Spiels geben kann. Bitte konsolidieren Sie alle Berichte in Bezug auf die deutsche Sprache in diesem Thread. Bitte geben Sie folgende Informationen an:

  • Build-Nummer
  • Plattform (Steam oder Microsoft Store)
  • Position des Textes (Ist es in einem SpielmenĂĽ, einer Lobby usw.? Ist es in einer Kampagne, wenn ja, welche Mission und was löst den Text aus?)
  • Ein Screenshot des Problems
  • Beschreibung dessen, was falsch ĂĽbersetzt wurde und ein Vorschlag zum Ersetzen.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Entwickler und AOE-Mitarbeiter, die diesen Thread kommentieren, die Sprache möglicherweise nicht kennen und Übersetzungssoftware verwenden, um zu verstehen, was gemeldet wird, damit es ordnungsgemäß dokumentiert und an das Lokalisierungsteam weitergeleitet werden kann.

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Build-Nummer: 101.101.32708.0.0
Plattform: Microsoft Store
Text: Chat-Kommentar 23, 26

Beschreibung: Chatkommentar 23, 26 wird auf Englisch abgespielt. Nicht deutsch.

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  • Build number : 101.101.32875.0 4392666
  • Platform : Steam
  • Location of text : Inside of the lobby (SP and MP)

As you can see on the second screenshot, AI is translated to KI (which is fine) in 2 cases, for the original AOC AI and the new one, but for some reason it’s still called AI for the HD Version. Should just be changed to KI (HD Version) in order to fit in.

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  • Not exactly a translation mistake, but “Cheats” have been renamed into “Tricks” in lobby browser. The older translation fits better.
  • Ludikris Map has been renamed from “Episch” to “Gigantisch”. I feel like the old translation already fit well

Build number: 101.101.32911.0 4395365
Platform: Steam

Location: Rankings
Not Yet Ranked messages are neither translated nor do they fit the selected entry (random map talks about team deathmatch and so on)

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Build number: 101.101.32911.0 4395365
Platform: Steam

Location: Queue for ranked play
Map size is only translated for deathmatch modes, but not random map

(note: split into two replies as the board does not allow me to add two pictures to a post yet)

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Let me add a report, I found in a seperate topic:

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In El Cid 5 (King of Valencia) the translation for the missionaries outside Denia is missing - they still have their German voice over though.

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Build number: 101.101.33059.0 4403463
Platform: Steam
Text: Art of War campaign

In the entire campaign the german voice acting is missing. Without voiced notifications during the mission it is really hard to follow them under time pressure.

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Build number: 101.101.33315.0 4426672
Platform: Steam
Location of text: Campaign: Attila The Hun - Mission 2

The English word “raze” or “level(ing)” is in this context the same as “destroy” which means “zerstören” or better “niederreißen” and NOT “schleifen”, so please use the following strings:

[…] Dorfzentrum niederreißen.


[…] Gebäude niederzureißen.

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I disagree. The german word “schleifen” (eng. “to slight”) also means “to raze” or “to level”. While it is archaic and slightly uncommon when not applied to a fortress or fortification, it is still, however, technically correct and fits its purpose.

See also:

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Ok I didn’t know about this word even though German is my mother’s tongue. This is, like you said, still a completely uncommon phrase and I am sure 70% of people are wondering what the developers mean or thinking they had a mistake in translation, so a friend of me also was wondering why they used this word, even though he has much more knowledge in history than I.

So I still recommend a correction.

Build-Number: 101.101.34055.0
Platform: Steam
Text: In the text of the university-tech “Schießscharten” (Arrowslits) the second bracket after the wood-sign is missing, both in the tech tree and the ingame UI.

This error was occuring since the release of the official AoE 2 HD Version, so the origin of this error is ways back but strangely never discovered or resolved.

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Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.34055.0 4495784
  • Platform: Steam


Since the december patch the string for key IDS_LEAVE_MAP is not translated to german anymore (Karte verlassen).


Reproduction Steps:

  1. start any game
  2. lose


Build Number: 101.101.34793.0 4597979
Platform: Steam
Location of Text: In the end screen after a match


Problem Description:
Missing translation in the timeline stats after the end of a match. The event Wonder Construction is not localised (see attached screenshot).

Suggested Fix:
Please make sure the string is localised correctly. A possible translation would be:
Weltwunder gebaut


This problem is still present in build 35584, please fix it with next update.

Build 35584, German and Steam

In the 3rd Dracula mission it plays the wrong voice-over to the mission messages. E.g. on freeing the central city it plays the voice-over for the death of Vlad.

“Leave map” is also shown on winning a campaign mission. (See xWHIT3W0LFx)


Huge thanks for listing out all of these issues, everyone; I’ve written all of them up for investigation by our QA team!

As a note, I’m going to close out this thread now that we have everything written-up, but PLEASE do not let that stop you from submitting translation issues here in the bug category! Be sure to include the following information if you continue to see issues in the game that were not listed here:

  • The build number
  • The place where the issue can be found in-game
  • The text line (or “string”) in question
  • The English string (if possible)
  • The suggested change

I will continue to escalate this information to the team for review, and appreciate all of you help noting these issues! :heart:

Happy hunting!

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