Known Issue: Translation & Localization (Simplified Chinese Language - 简体中文)

We are aware that there may be issues related to translation or localization of the game. Please consolidate all reports regarding the Simplified Chinese language in this thread. Please include the following information:

  • Build number
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store)
  • Location of text (Is it in a game menu, lobby, etc? Is it in a campaign, if so, which mission and what triggers the text?)
  • A screenshot of the issue
  • Description of what was mistranslated and a suggestion for replacement.

Please be aware that Developers and AOE Staff commenting on this thread may not know the language, and are utilizing translation software to understand what is being reported, so that it can be properly documented and passed to the Localization team.
我们知道,可能存在与游戏翻译或本地化有关的问题。 请在此主题中合并所有有关简体中文的报告。 请提供以下信息:

  • 内部编号
  • 平台(Steam或Microsoft Store)
  • 文字的位置(是否在游戏菜单,大厅等中?在战役中是否存在,是哪个任务以及什么触发文字?)
  • 问题的屏幕截图
  • 说明翻译错误,并提出替换建议。


This is an administrator of a forum in China –
We are collecting mistakes of Chinese language files at our forum.
It may take some time…We will do it as soon.

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“The Art of War” campaign, tooltip for the fast-castle challenge on the top right corner.
“Build order” should have been translated to “建造顺序” (‘order’ in the sense of ‘sequence’) instead of “建造命令” (‘order’ in the sense of ‘command’) here.


Tamerlane mission 5: Microsoft YaHei??? LOL WTF (That should be 格鲁吉亚)

Also in mission 4 the timer is in English.

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33315, Steam

Pachacuti Mission 1, the secondary objective translation is something else entirely, like some goal from another European campaign.

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This is not addressed yet in Build 33315, Steam. What’s the priority of localization for now?

Build number: 33315

Platform: Steam

Location of text: Game Menu: Options -> Graphics -> Show Advanced Options


issue: This text itself and its tips have not been translated to Chinese.

suggestion: The Show Advanced Options should be: 显示高级选项
And the mass text which at bottom right should be:

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  • Build number: 101.101.33315.0 4426672
  • Platform: Steam
  • Location of text: Steam achievements
  • A screenshot of the issue:
  • Description: In the BOTH Traditional and Simplified Chinese of Steam achievements page, it says players need to destroy all Rome castle within 30mins in fifth Alaric mission “Kingdom of our own” for achievement “Rome Was Destroyed in One Day”, which should be forth mission.

I already post it in TC issue post, I repost it here as well.


研究项说明文本错误,“供给” 科技说明为民兵系食物费用-15%,实际上从 60 减到了 45,因此应该是 -15 而非 -15%。


Platform: Steam
Build number: 300050
Location of text: Achievements Screen
Description: Not translated, should be “建造\n世界奇观”.
Build number: 120182
Location of text: Tatars Civ Description “Keshik”
Description: “蒙古骑射手” means Mangudai, not Keshik. Should be the same to the unit name “怯薛”(Keshik).

The following report is just all unit name. I can’t post more than one image.
Build number: 5753, 5055
Location of text: Unit name “Torch A (Convertable)” “Torch B (Convertable)”
Description: “可招降” this word can be only used for human, not a torch. Should be “可转化”.
Build number: 5553
Location of text: Unit name “Dire Wolf”
Description: “恐狼” is the name of a prehistoric animal. Should be “恶狼”.
Build number: 5700
Location of text: Unit name “Camel”
Description: “骆驼兵” means “Camel Rider”, but it’s just a single camel. Should be “骆驼”.
Build number: 5339
Location of text: Unit name “Aachen Cathedral”
Description: “牦牛” means “Yak”, an animal name. Should be “亚琛大教堂”.
Build number: 5034, 5035
Location of text: Unit name “Target A” “Target B”
Description: When the “Target” means an object that people practise shooting at, Chinese call it “箭靶”.
Build number: 5121, 5607
Location of text: Unit name “Villager (Male)” “Villager (Female)”
Description: “Male"↔"Female”, “男"↔"女”, “男性"↔"女性”. Current text looks informal.
Build number: 5737, 5465
Location of text: Unit name “Map Revealer” “Moveable Map Revealer”
Description: “全开地图” means “Reveal Map”, an action, not a item. Should be “地图启示者”(Map Revealer), “可移动的地图启示者”(Moveable Map Revealer).
Build number: 5228
Location of text: Unit name “Gallow”
Description: “托架” is an industrial equipment. The structure to hang and kill people should be “绞架”.
Build number: 5722, 3910, 3826, 3710
Location of text: Unit name “Javelina” and tooltips where it has been mentioned.
Description: Current text “西貒野猪” just looks like “Javelina Boar”. Should be “西貒”, but this character “貒” missed in DE fonts.
Build number: 5433
Location of text: Unit name “Town Center (Packed)”
Description: “(已装备)” is confusing, should be “(组装)” just like “巨型投石机 (组装)”( Trebuchet (Packed) ).
Build number: 5043
Location of text: Unit name “Photonman”
Description: “装备激光武器的人” is very wordy. I think “激光侠” is a better translation, just like “蝙蝠侠” to Batman, “钢铁侠” to Iron Man.


The red line local soldiers and the army are different 兵≠军

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Bulgarians unique techs not compatible with technology tree translation

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Simplified Chinese font is not complete, many words will be displayed as question marks like “?”, and the Chinese symbol is displayed as a block like"□"

This problem exists in all places where Chinese is displayed, such as game text, chat and editor.

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I thank for this update.It fix Chinese language BUG.But,this update have a new bug of Chinese language.
1:Mongolia Cilivizaton hunter 50%faster become 40%faster.In English is Changed.But Chinese language not Changed
2:Teuton(German) after the age2.Infantry Armor +1.This is a new cilivizaton characteristic.Not add it in Chinese language.

I am a Chinese.Loving the games.I wish the game get better.Thanks to look it.Maybe my English is very bad.Using heart is OK.Thanks


Yes,it is.Thanks for you help!

Can’t believe it that they make such a huge mistake in translation. And still haven’t addressed it after 4 months :imp: :imp: :imp: