Known Issue: Translation & Localization (Turkish Language - Türk Dili)

We are aware that there may be issues related to translation or localization of the game. Please consolidate all reports regarding the Turkish language in this thread. Please include the following information:

  • Build number
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store)
  • Location of text (Is it in a game menu, lobby, etc? Is it in a campaign, if so, which mission and what triggers the text?)
  • A screenshot of the issue
  • Description of what was mistranslated and a suggestion for replacement.

Please be aware that Developers and AOE Staff commenting on this thread may not know the language, and are utilizing translation software to understand what is being reported, so that it can be properly documented and passed to the Localization team.
Oyunun çevirisi veya yerelleştirilmesi ile ilgili sorunların olabileceğinin farkındayız. Lütfen bu konudaki Türkçe dili ile ilgili tüm raporları birleştiriniz. Lütfen aşağıdaki bilgileri ekleyin:

  • Yapı numarası
  • Platform (Steam veya Microsoft Mağazası)
  • Metnin yeri (Bir oyun menüsünde mi, lobide mi vb?
  • Konunun ekran görüntüsü
  • Yanlış tercüme edilenin tanımı ve değiştirilmesi için bir öneri.

Lütfen bu konu hakkında yorum yapan Geliştiriciler ve AOE Personeli’nin dili bilmeyebileceğini ve neyin rapor edildiğini anlamak için çeviri yazılımını kullandıklarını, böylece uygun şekilde belgelenip Yerelleştirme ekibine geçirilebileceğini unutmayın.

The word lord is spelled as lort in French campaign. It should be lord in Turkish as well.

El Cid campaign, second episode, tips window:

It writes: Katapult inşa edemediğinde için içine konuşlandırılmış Koçbaşları en iyi silahın.

The phrase tries to say, since you cannot build trebuchets, rams are your best weapon, but it makes no sense grammatically.

Therefore it should be: Katapult inşa edemediğin için Koçbaşları en iyi kuşatma silahın.

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Game Version: Last Version

  • Build (####) Gtx 1060 I5 7500 16GB Ram
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store ): Steam

Issue: The turkish language has some problems Which I am going to mention normally civilizations start like Aztecs burmese byzantines but some specific Turkish letters are wrongly considered and they start in the beginning of the civs.

(Replace with a detailed description of the problem; please limit one issue per thread)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. (List the steps we can take to reproduce the bug ourselves…)

  2. Spanish Italians and Chinese are on top but the letter Ç comes after C and the big i is İ in turkish and has no difference than normal i İ I ı are same plz solve this its not a major bug but i think it should be fixed


After a game, Leave Map is untranslated. It’s just Leave Map, instead of Haritadan Çık

İt doesnt work but I wanted to inform the team

Huge thanks for listing out all of these issues, everyone; I’ve written all of them up for investigation by our QA team!

As a note, I’m going to close out this thread now that we have everything written-up, but PLEASE do not let that stop you from submitting translation issues here in the bug category! Be sure to include the following information if you continue to see issues in the game that were not listed here:

  • The build number
  • The place where the issue can be found in-game
  • The text line (or “string”) in question
  • The English string (if possible)
  • The suggested change

I will continue to escalate this information to the team for review, and appreciate all of you help noting these issues! :heart:

Happy hunting!