Korea Civ design cuz I'm bored

Since we’re at speculation season I figured I might as well:

Leader: Hyojong of Joseon: So the fun thing is that it’s really difficult to find an appropiate leader for Korea in this period. Just go to a korean forum and propose having either Jeonjo or Myeongseong as the civilization leader and just come back and tell me how kindly they treated you…

At any rate, Hyonjo is an interesting figure. The absolute madlad was planning to invade the Manchu to try and restore Ming sovereignty and to accomplish this he performed extensive military reforms through the Joseon military, modernizing their weapons, introducing a sort of Pike-and-Shot formation tactics and overall just strenghtening their forces and fortresses. Unfortunately he died before he could go ahead with his plans, and the Manchu managed to consolidate their victories against the Ming before his plans to fruition had an opportunity to come to fruition. However, his reforms proved successful in the ensuing wars against the Russians. He also did agricultural reforms and other boring stuff.

Consulate Allies

Portuguese - same as always

Russian - same as always

Chinese - Provides 20 Population + 10 Max Pop Cap

  • Armies -
    Chinese Expeditionary Company - 4 Duck Squad Chu ko nu & 4 Reformed Qiang Spearmen
    Chinese Expeditionary Force - 5 Duck Squad Chu ko nu, 5 Reformed Qiang Spearmen & 1 Flamethrower
    Chinese Expeditionary Army - 6 Iron Cap Changdao, 6 Emperor’s Arquebusiers & 3 Flamethrowers

  • Shipments -
    1 Dock Rickshaw (200 Export)
    1 Town Center Rickshaw (600 Export)
    1 Trading Post Rickshaw (400 Export)
    Chinese Brigade - 6 Manchu Meteor Hammers, 6 Ever-Victorious Iron Flails and 4 Flying Crows

Japanese - Land Military units +10% attack

Japanese Expeditionary Company - 4 Kensei Samurai
Japanese Expeditionary Force - 8 Kensei Samurai + 1 Flaming Arrow
Japanese Expeditionary Army - 12 Tanegashima Ashigaru + 4 Flaming Arrow

Consulate Unit attack
Consulate Unit Hit Points
Consulate Unit Combat
Japanese Brigade - In-Yo Yabusame + 4 Morutaru

Base Civilization Bonus - Researching Technologies heals all your units for a small amount.

Unit Roster

Sungbyong Monk: I assume by now most people who’ve played the game realized Big Huge Games decided, for some reason, to have each asian civ have a Warrior-Monk figure for an explorer. So Korea couldn’t be anything less.

The Sungbyong is a melee infantry hero unit with the ability to stun and area damage attack that causes poison damage, as it is carrying a Nangseon. The poison attack doesn’t activate until you reach Commerce Age.

Town Center


  • Villagers


  • Sentries
  • Irregulars
  • Immigrants
  • Exalted Natives
  • Spies
  • Blockade



  • Salsu - Bog Standard Spearman type unit for Korea. Good against cavalry. In addition to regular melee armor, they have 10% armor against ranged even without cover. (II)

  • Daeduyin - Korean musketeer, with the twist that they are armed with Volley Gun muskets, firing like Cho Ko Nu on range, and carrying a bayonet to beat cavalry on melee. (II)

  • Pyolgigun - As I mentioned before, Korea did extensive reforms to modernize their armies particularly during the 17th century, so I think it’d only be fair if most of their roster is gunpowder based. Thus they get a skirmisher equivalent unit. Interestingly enough, frontier guard forces in this period didn’t discriminate much when it came to militias, so there were also female soldiers serving. They have a single, charge long range attack that’s good at taking out other skirmisher type units. (III)


  • Upgrades for all 3 prior units.

Mogjang - So I came to the awkard realization that Asian Civs don’t have a Livestock Pen by standard, so here’s my proposal. A building that combines both the Livestock Pen and the Stable. Good? Good.


  • Maebyeong - Apparently both other video games and miniatures pages love to show Korean Cavalry dual wielding swords. So I’ll just run with it. They trade hit points for cost efficiency, much like Uhlans and Cossacks, unlike the prior two units however, rather than having extra damage, they attack faster… except for siege mode. Excellent raiders, for the above reason. (II)

  • Beolmusa - Korean Horse Archers, decked in Brigandine armor. They are heavily armored, so they can tank a lot of damage, even if their damage is subpar otherwise. (III)

  • Pigs - You know, just regular cattle. (I)


  • Upgrades for the two cavalry units
  • Selective Breeding



  • Hwacha - Anti infantry artillery that fires multiple rockets in rapid succession. Similar to the organ gun, although with longer range. (III)
  • Shin Gyeongjoon - The Legendary War Wagon. Which surprise surprise, was actually invented in the friggin’ 18th century. At any rate, it’s a wagon with a cannon mounted on top while the gunners are protected inside. Ingame it works mostly as a Horse Artillery. (IV)


  • Upgrades for the two Artillery units
  • Castle upgrades



  • Fishing Boat
  • Kwason - Early game ship. Good at exploring, fishing or transport. (II)
  • Panokseon - Strong, sturdy ship. Can train infantry and cavalry units. (III)
  • Geobukseon - Better known as the Turtle Ship. Can cast smoke screen, which allows it to become temporarily stealthy, and has a mortar shot to destroy buildings at long range. Otherwise, has less range than the Monitor, but is sturdier than a Frigate to compensate. (IV)


  • Gill Nets - Long Lines
  • Armor Plating
  • Carronade - Percussion Lock
  • Ship’s Howitzer
  • Exalted Geobukseon

Choga - Slightly more expensive than a regular house. Can do a one time muster of a mixed group of Sentries and Irregulars, for a cost.

Walls - Researches Bastion as usual.

Rice Paddie


Food gather upgrades
Coin gather upgrades



Hunting Eagles - Professional Hunters
Water Wheel - Regenerative Forestry - Timber Trade - Tropical Timber Trade
Blanket Filters - Flume and Ditching
Civil Servants - Imperial Bureaucracy
Eastern Medicine



Martyrs of Kumsan - Provides a Sentry and an Irregular for each infantry unit you’ve lost so far.
Nighttime Raids - Your Hero, Sentries & Irregulars can go stealthy.
Righteous Armies - Gives your Hero an aura that boosts Irregular & Sentry attack and hit points.
Hanulnim - Gives your Hero an ability that temporarily boosts attack rate of all nearby units.
Compunction - Outlaw units are better in combat and train faster.


Hwasong Fortress - Trains Artillery units. Makes all your buildings regenerate. Has an attack and is affected by Castle upgrades.
Age up Shipments

II) 1 Daeduyin + 1 Salsu
III) 3 Daeduyin
IV) 1 Hwacha + 4 Daeduyin
V) 2 Hwacha + 5 Daeduyin

Sajikdan - Stops Sentries and Irregulars from losing health over time.
Age up Shipments

II) 1 Sentry + 1 Irregular
III) 3 Sentry + 3 Irregular
IV) 5 Sentry + 5 Irregular
V) 10 Sentry + 10 Irregular

Haeinsa Temple - Contains upgrades

Commerce Age

  • Huryondogam: Spawns a Hwacha at the Homecity Drop-off point.
  • Seed-Transplantation: Each Choga spawns a Choga wagon.
  • Agungi: Units and buildings have +4 Line of Sight.
  • Veritable Records: Provides 2000 Experience

Fortress Age

  • Hullyeon Dogam: Pyolgigun has an extra multiplier against heavy infantry.
  • Muyedobotongji: Daeduyin get +20% hand attack and 10% hit points.
  • Temperate Rice Fields: +10% to all Rice Paddy gather rates.
  • Fresh Ginseng: Allows you Hero to heal.

Industrial Age

  • Hangul Reforms: Infantry and Cavalry trains 25% faster.
  • Geomancy: Buildings obtain a slight amount of armor.
  • Supply Carriages: Infantry and artillery moves 10% faster.
  • Bulletproof Vest: Gunpowder infantry gains a chance at evasion.

Age up shipment
II) 1 Free Upgrade
III) 2 Free Upgrades
IV) 3 Free Upgrades
V) 5 Free Upgrades

Puyong Hall - Can cast “Silence” over an area of the map, which decreases significantly the train and research rate of enemy buildings in the affected area, units slow down and can’t use abilities.

Age up shipments.
II) 5 Pigs
III) 8 Pigs
IV) 12 Pigs
V) 20 Pigs

Grand Palace - Slowly produces Villagers over time.

Age up shipments
II) A villager for each Villager you’ve lost so far this game.
III) A villager for each Villager you’ve lost so far this game.
IV) A villager for each Villager you’ve lost so far this game.
V) A villager for each Villager you’ve lost so far this game.


Lovely. Get a job with Microsoft

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Some good ideas but also some pretty bad ones.

Losing buildings for a bonus isn’t great because you’re never getting anything unique unless you’re losing.

A stable-pen is just an extra cost to military building and disincentivizes building cavalry.

More factory houses are never good.

I think Korea should have a much bigger artillery roster. They had pretty advanced cannons:

I’m not sure what “Shin Gyeongjoon” is, but searching that doesn’t come up with war wagons.

Maybe have their irregulars units through a shipment become trash units that don’t lose their hp representing the huge civilian resistance that formed during Japan’s invasion of Korea. Also they should have a unique fishing ship that in age 2 gains a cannon attack allowing it to better fend off raids.

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Well, no wonder. Since almost all the info on the Shin Geongjoon is in, surprise surprise, korean. I’ve also seen them italized as Shin Kyongjun for what is worth.

They are what I mentioned however, An armored cart with a cannon on top, They were invented in the late 18th century when Koreans experimented further with wagon designs.

Now, is the main civ bonus useful only when you are already on the losing end?

Maybe, but what tells gameplay here isn’t the “main” bonus, it’s the houses and the wonders, as with most asian civilizations. I definitely needed an unique house design, and honestly having the Choga gather from Paddies is different enough from other trickle houses I think it justifies itself as it is very distanced from Torps or Shrines in how it plays, functioning a tad bit more like Kanchas, which is intended as both are meant more for turtley, defensive civilizations.

otimas dicas realmente espero por 3 das possíveis civilizações BRAZIL,PERSIA ou KOREA

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Are you taking Wars of Liberty for reference?

considering he was a WOL dev for years?


Yeah, there’s no way,


I just Asked because of his idea for a Wonder giving free villagers like on the MOD, I think it’s too OP as it is now, should be well balanced to be possible.

Updated the first post to make the bonuses less passive. Is the civ OP?
I dunno, but even most of the DE civs were OP at launch, so it’s not like I should care much.

Will I post my ideas for Homecity card shipments?

Who knows… only time will tell.


You mean romanized?

(20 characters)

Yeah, I meant romanized, my bad.

According to this article, Shin Kyong-jun(申景濬) is the inventor’s name, may be not so appropriate as a unit name, Bulangki Cart could be more suitable. However, it seems that weapon never exist in reality, only recorded in Yeoam Jeonseo (旅菴全書).

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Must have been my bad. I got a paper on the guy and probably got my notes confused because I’m not exactly fluent in korean.
At any rate, yeah, what I read checks out too, it was an experimental weapon, a few were made, as far as I could understand wasn’t really used in a war (What war did Korea even wage between the late 18th and early 19th century?) but it was tested.

It wouldn’t be the first not-completely-historical unit in the game however. If you read the game encyclopedia on the Flail Elephant it also mentions that the sources on it are… questionable at best. But since the War Wagon was the unique unit of the civ in Age of Empires II, it’d be only fair to feature it here too.

That kind of circular reasoning is a terrible justification for a unit, but sadly it’s happened before. Portuguese organ guns were never a thing, but Aoe2 got them just because AoE3 had them.