[Korean History] Wihwado Retreat (1388) with video

Wihwado Retreat (1388) was incident that Yi Sung-kye, the deputy Prime Minister of Goryeo dynasty at that time and became the first king of Joseon dynasty, retreated the troops from Wihwado (small island between China and Korea. It’s North Korean territory now.). King Woo, the 32nd king of Goryeo dynasty, decided attack Manchuria.

King Woo appointed Choi Young, the Prime Minister, as the Chief General of Manchuria Attack Troops, and Jo Min-su as the the First Corps and Yi Sung-Kye as the Second Corps. However, King Woo ordered Choi Young to stay in the Gesung, the capital of Goryeo dynasty, because he was afraid of rebellion. King Woo trusted Choi Young, because Choi Young was King Woo’s father in law. But this was King Woo’s serious mistake, because Yi Sung-Kye could be on charge to the troops, and it could not stop the retreat of troops.

However attacking Manchuria was very risky and reckless, so, Yi Sung-Kye tried to persuade the king to let the troops retreat. But King ignored, finally Yi Sung-Kye decided the retreat the troops.

This video focused on the Gesung battle, the fight in the Gesung between the Yi Sung-Kye’s troops and Choi Young’s troops.

Choi Young’s troops failed to overcome numerical inferiority.

After this incident, Choi Young was executed. And Yi Sung-Kye became the last prime minister of Goryeo dynasty, and became the first king of Joseon dynasty 3 years later.

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Oldest man is Choi Young.

The fact that none of Koreans, Japanese or Chinese have own campaigns instead of single scenarios still amazes me

We will make the korean and japanese long campaign by our own,maybe release in the suitable time instead of the official