Korean UU Concept - Hwarang

Korean Unique Unit that replaces the Arbalester in the Archery Range.

Cost: Same as for Arbalester
HP: 50
Base Attack: 7
Base Melee/Pierce: 0/1
Base Range: 5

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What are the Upgrade costs and are all other stats Like Speed, Attack delay, Training time etc. the same?

Considering this is an objective buff, and a very strong one at that, I definitely don’t agree. Considering the recent changes to Koreans, I think we should just let the dust settle for a while.


They don’t need to have stronger archers, especially with discounts.

If we needed to see Hwarang in the game, I’d want it to be a monk-swordsman unit, given the close relationship Hwarang had with Buddhism. It could be trainable at Monestaries, able to attack with a sword, and also able to heal friendly units.


Didn’t Hwarang usually fight as cavalry? Also, it would be weird to give them Hwarang only in Imperial Age, given that they can get Turtle Ships and War Wagons, which historically came much later, in Castle Age. (I’m taking the War Wagon to represent the Hwacha – probably Mangam Hwacha – here.)

I agree with this. We should see how the recent buff affects them before buffing them further.

What is this thing? Can we get someone in here who wants it to be a siege weapon or something?


Hmm so the original unit will be a cavalry unit when it dies it becomes a foot archer when it dies it becomes a swordan,basically the aoe medusa.


This is not surprising, unlike medieval Europe, where archers were mainly low-born light infantry while nobles advocated heavy-armoured, melee combat and charging. In Asia, warriors were required to have archery, horse riding and melee combat, and the more noble the status or the more elite the education, the more so. Samurai were also good at archery and riding horses.

What type of unit it should be depends on which image of it you want to emphasize. In a Korean historical drama I’ve seen before, hwarang is a group of gentlemen who are good at fighting with swords on foot. That drama was called Queen Seon deok and it was a huge hit in Korea and it also influenced my initial impression of Korean history.

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My understanding is that Hwarang were sort of the equivalent to knights in early medieval Korea, i.e. a class of noble elite warriors.

I’ve seen them depicted as cavalry archers, but based on what @UpmostRook9474 says, it sounds like they were trained in a wide variety of different types of combat.