Koreans Buff suggestions to add in the next patch

in awhat is propably the biggest balance patch ever, some civ remained untouched somehow, even while being some of the worst. One of this civs is Koreans imho.

here is what i would change:

  • Wood discount apply to siege unit also (similar to dravidians, but we already have examples of the similar bonuses but one specific and bigger and other broad but weaker (portuguese gold discount and Poles knight discount, for example)
  • Change the Stone bonus with: gold miners generates stone in addition to gold. opposite to what Poles have atm, to give them their stone but making them much more flexible with this eco bonus



No thanks. No need to overlap unnecessarily.

My opinion is have one of the following -

  1. New bonus - Walls and Gates are built 80% faster.
  2. Archer armor are free → Pikeman and Halberdier upgrades are free. Ethiopians change Pikeman upgrade is free → Pikeman, Halberdier and Heavy Camel upgrades don’t cost gold. (Ethiopians already pushed into Camel direction. Another camel bonus will synced in with).

I also think Koreans needs free pikeman upgrade far more than Ethiopians, now that I think about it.
They are too range focused without useful eco bonus and consistently do poorly against cav civs. Not even their spear line is fully upgraded.

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Well this proposal Is also a overlap in itself with ethiopians lol

Besydes i don:t mind overlap, as we already have those in the game, and there are several examples

But yeah, even your suggestion for free Spears upgrade is not bad, but i think giving them a good eco bonus to actually make them flexible is much better than shoe-horning them into a unit

Also on a syde note, ethiopians are not even remotely weak and now they have both good Spears and good camels. They could honestly totally lose that bonus to give it ti koreans and then ethiopians get a new minor camel bonus since with the kas PUP they brought up a new camel “thing” for ethiopians

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These have been memtioned in other threads as well.

  • Wood discount for military units changed to fixed -20 wood for ships (and maybe siege weapons), -10 wood for others.
  • Gain 2 of Bloodlines, Plate Barding Armor, and Blast Furnace, then lose Hussar upgrade.
  • Change WW’s armor class and projectile type if possible.

Not really like to make they get free Pike upgrade, that seems a little too strong.

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I would like to see a change to the War Wagons. Make them anti-Cavalry.

With this the civ would be slow, but with good tools in the midgame.

Actually weird that Koreans didn’t receive a buff with this pup but civs like malians, dravidians, lithuanians.
At keast the Pikeman upgrade is cheaper now, but that applies to all archer civs.


I like the stone bonus, however giving how their is so much more gold than stone, it would have to be only 10% which is underwhelming in early game but give you 20-25% more stone in imperial age. At the very least apply their team bonus to all siege.


Remove the wood discount of military units (archers, spears and skirms are already cheap in wood, nobody uses cavalry archers as Koreans, and the current wood cost of Turtle Ships and War Wagons can be made by default), and then replace it with Each Lumbercamp Technology grants +3 carry capacity to Lumberjacks, then you will have a civ competitive on open maps.

That is literally Aztecs but much worse Also +3 carrying capacity does not make that much difference if you have efficient wood lines and barely anything with handcart

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I have no problem with the other one that doesn’t overlap with anyone.

Thing is Koreans never designed around eco or flexibility. They were designed around defense and turtle and I want to stick to it.

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Yeah, but we also must aknowledge by this time that defensive civs are not competitive unless they have massive flexible bonuses like byz counter discount that can be laso used to do lot more than just defend, or good eco bonuses like Teutons

Koreans atm just can’t survive early game to reach their WW, and even if they are, it’s the only thing they have besides archers, which means they die to skirms, cause your strong siege is not any cheaper

If they had better eco bonus they could more easily develop in early game, and then we can look at if it’s needed and how to improve their military


But Mayans already have this bonus (100%). You said we shouldn’t overlap.

Mayans one is cheaper not faster.

Still, faster building walls would be a very niche bonus as palisade already go up fairly quick. Not going to be impactful

Wouldn’t apply to lower mid levels but quick walls would be much stronger.

I would much rather have better armor on buildings

Like losing masonry and architecture but have scaling armor from dark age on as quickwalls Is already plenty strong vs melee units and against missiles you should be equipped as koreans

These are the 3 Defensive civs in the game right now. And Koreans is more similar to Byzantines with discounted counter units and also naval focus. Maybe a type of age up discount can be given to them to have similar powerspike like Byzantines. I thought about age up not costing gold for a new civ. Will it be good for Koreans? You’ll save 200 gold in Feudal and 800 gold in Castle Age. FC → xbow or FI → Arbalester will be a lot viable for them.

I disagree. Palisade build time is 7 seconds. With this bonus it will be reduced by 3.11 seconds. If you full wall your base you may save up to 90 seconds of villagers work time, a very significant time saving in Dark Age imho. And originally I proposed 100% in a different thread. But thought it will be annoyingly OP. In that case more than 2 minutes of villagers work time could be saved. And also there is a lot of benefit from walling your base earlier even by 1 minute.

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Problem is that this buff forced you into Wall into FC WW which is very limiting and Easy to predict and counter, and in some Maps you don’t even wanna wall all that much or even at all. So it’s a niche thing

Goldless Age up is good i suppose, but It does not impact feudal Age in any way

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I’m quite annoyed that Dravidians rather than Koreans got the siege weapon wood discount, but I think Koreans really need something earlier in the game. Free Pikeman upgrade would probably come in too late, I think.

This I agree with, or just one of those and they keep Hussar. But I’m not sure it would be enough.

I’m not sure about this. I think it could actually help in Feudal, since you can either spend that gold on other things or go up to Castle Age earlier. On the other hand, to me it doesn’t feel like it has the right kind of flavour somehow.


This is why i proposed the Gold miners generates Stone eco bonus to give then early game eco bonus and better flexibility. Even if it’s just 33 or 25 or even 20%, that extra Stone would be good to build Stone walls without costing you TC maybe, or just be good to sell and buy your way up faster, or just being flexible, while keeping their stone “thing” that’s been there for a while


They don’t need hussars in fact. They have halberdiers and skirmishers at a good price, especially after the wood discount has become fixed like I suggested. In the trash battle, they already have the advantage.
Without getting at least two, their cavaliers likely still won’t be a useful force when needed.

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