KotM review

Another big thank you for the team. I didn’t expect any major DLC and I think that probably is the best one since the release of DE.

The content: Italy, the fan favorite, accompanied by Malta has come. Not only the civs, but new European maps with new treasure guardians, mercenaries, and a well designed European minor civs. 2 new game mode (Tycoon), but also Historical maps.

I usually only main my faction so isn’t the content that I most like, but I love to see new units, strategies and the history behind it. Italy seems that got a nice balance between renaissance and some Rissorgimiento units, so it’s cool and not a copy of early Spain, a fear that I got.

The European maps are cool but they don’t seem so natural as the ones of the original games and xpacks, maybe because I have been into some of the places (Spain, Pyrinees, Alps) and they don’t look very similar to that, so many straight lines :P. But I understand that making new interesting maps and make them feel natural it’s a very difficult task. Kudos to introducing strategic map control buildings like farms and towers, that’s a good idea.

The Royal Houses seems a very good compromise to actually show units and civs that may or may not be release. We have almost all Europe covered with that, and we got friggin’ Winged Hussars. Seems a little weird to see a palace in the middle of nowehere, but I can get the simplification.

I don’t know if devs watched that video about RTS, but I think that Historical maps are an interesting way to keep things fresh. Like feel a real defense. Seems that they had coming to replace Historical Battles, but I understand that usually they don’t have much replayability, although I love playing them. I also love that they have unique techs to spice up different kind of gameplay (It would be cool to make them even more radical, like mercenary matches only, or premade fixed decks)

Also, I think that they have got the suggestion to mix historical male explorer skins with woman, campaign and meme. That’s nice so everybody can choose if they want some more historically correct or funny Explorer.

Balance seems that isn’t broken this time, at least from what I have played and I have seen.

Malta comes last, because I have mixed opinions. I see it as a high quality mod, but I don’t like too much of their assets. Yeah, is a clever way to use the manage things that you already have, but I understand players that didn’t like that. Commandries are a little big for my opinion. Also I feel that it got a little bit of fantasy there. But hey, a new civ is always welcome if it’s well designed and balanced, although small, their actions were important to keep busy the Ottomans so Europe could colonize the Old World, so I don’t care that they were on a little island.

A lot of diversity and history to check with all maps, minor civs and so, that’s great! Also seems to introduce half of the NE mod into the game, I loved to play it back when I was a kid.

The sound is good this time, unlike some units of African Royals. Check the Oromo Warrior.

Things that I didn’t like

I already have spotted some translation errors in my language (Spanish): Maltese royal guard crossbowmen are called…. Crossbowmen (they directly translated Arbalesters to Crossbowmans). There are some translations errors left, and this add up, like Mexican Haciendas being called Haciendas when plantations were renamed to haciendas (states) in Spanish.

  • A little bit of too much fantasy on Malta, as I said. I was never very keen of the hook of Hoop Throwers.
  • As I said, some maps feel unnatural (straight lines from mountains, coasts and so).
  • Some new treasures are a little bit tiny and difficult to see.
  • That Hospitaller hat. Luckily it only shows with a card.
  • That is not tied to this DLC, but I don’t like FOMO. I would prefer some kind of reasonable MP money to spend on skins.

Things that I would have liked to see/suggestions

  • Maybe some better way to get into Historical Maps. Competitive charts for them.
  • Europe maps seems very empty without population. That statement could be made for all other continents (the idea that colonizers went into mostly empty landscapes in America is wrong): but some house models (without stats, without being able to attack them, just as a rock) here and there as decorations would be cool.
  • Better treasures models for Europe
  • Miquelets from Spain/Catalonia :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Some Historical Battle
  • Some updates on old civs and cards. Give new mercenaries and European allies to Euro civs.
  • Morocco :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that is all.

8.5/10 this time. I have personal crusades against the spanish translation, if they were ok, a solid 9. Hoping to see new releases. Everybody have fun!


A good assessment, and I agree with a lot of it.

The premise of Malta is cool, but the artistic representation of it doesn’t really suit my tastes, almost like they played too into the fantasy and the crusader mythos. Nonetheless, they’re quite fun to play.

The maps seem strange, but I have to agree there, too. There is something about the way the maps were designed, in terms of their general shape as well as natural textures, which don’t seem to look as well-designed as even their work with the African maps. I think they could probably improve the treasure models as well, as it seems like they just simply recycled preexisting objects and repurposed them to be these treasures. They really went out of their way to make sure the African treasures were all original, and they did a top-notch job capturing the feel that Africa was an entirely new place on the map. Europe could and should have this treatment as well.

Finally, the AI should be worked to actually go for objectives on the map like mills or towers.


PSA: if you research the church tech for hospitallers they get a great helm instead. Infinitely cooler, wish they had it by default.


Overall I love the DLC, but I think Italy could use a shipment of two or three architects in age 2. :sweat_smile:

Don’t like the maps at all. I know this game from years of playing and it’s just getting to the point it’s overwhelming. New players will never put in the time it takes.

They seem to have taken France out of the 1v1 pool. Haven’t had the misfortune to see it for awhile. The new maps aside from that one are growing on me. Malta while having some lame aspects is probably more balanced than any previous dlc’s. I’m going to retract and say this was the best first stab in aoe3 to date. Good job devs


Don’t retract the complexity comment though. It is a unfortunate reality of this game.

Saben, en un futuro parche, me gustaría que agregaran mas selecciones de colores xd, es que cuando entro al editor de mapas encuentro colores que no se usan en el juego, como lo son el negro, verde pálido, gris oscuro, magenta y blanco seria interesante usarlos, y algo que siento es que el bersaglieri debería tener algo mas de potencia como un 5% mas de resistencia a rango unos 10/20 puntos mas de hp y 2 más de daño a distancia