Kudos for the changes in Arabia

Thank you devs for the update in Arabia. Arabia balances looks great. Thats how arabia meant to be played: open aggressive game style.

:kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


Yeah Arabia has always been a great map but they managed to improve it even more than before :+1:

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i do like the changes, but i would have preferred if they kept the oasis and cliff generation for increased variety, i wonder if it was too difficult to balance?

on top of that does the new map gen not favour cavalry even more? cav already dominated the ladder until elo 1650+ now it will do so even more…

Yes i’m enjoying the new arabia ! Very good changes to promote agressive playstyle!

Sure, it does make cavalry and cavalry archer more usefull even more easiest than archer but crossbow continue to get fully viable.

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some of the changes are good (to make it more open and with more hills), but some resources spawn too far away.
The second gold is already far, and the third gold looks like it is a neutral gold now.
They should fix the spawning of forests too : it happened to have only one tiny forest at less than 30 (!) from my starting TC.

It looks like it is a different map from the old one. Maybe they should keep the old one as “green arabia” and let it appear on vote from time to time too.

I am happy with it. So, they don’t have to nerf walls so much and defensive play so much. Maybe now they can buff walls for wall lovers like me since they have a super open map to enjoy?

i really really like this idea… keep both the old and new arabia in the pool as permanent maps… the old is still an open map, so arabia players should still like it… i think i might prefer it, and others might prefer the more open version without cliffs or oasis…

and with the preference/ban system we might quickly find out if one of the two is actually unpopular… or we might for once actually have TWO maps that are popular instead of the exisitng monoculture… but hey this might be too much big brain thinking… like thinking franks need a nerf for 1.5 years… :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah, makes Arabia great again…open and fast


I am having fun with it, but it’s definitely not healthy for the game. I love Socotra, the new Arabia reminds me of it heavily. It’s hilarious to go YOLO all-in every game. But this definitely isn’t the heart and soul of Age2.


Thank you, you found the perfect words here. Nice and sharp.

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I can see how someone who prefers aggressive playstyles, you would welcome the changes. But it does mean that Arabia, being pushed from a balanced middle, is losing its identity as the perfect compromise between all playstyles and strategies, which made it so popular. So while I prefer aggressive play, too, I am not a fan of the map because it is so predictable. It always looks like this, meaning that you don’t really have to scout your opponent beyond seeing where they roughly are and what rush they are going for (not ‘if’ they are doing a rush).

The old Arabia had its faults but at least it was inviting to players of all skills and styles. Now it’s just socotra+ and I always ban Socotra.

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