Kurultai change suggestion (Kurultai also applies to Outposts aura)

There is a lot of suggestion and inputs for the Turks, but very little love shown to cousins of the Turks.

The Mongols.

The new civs have shown that they can have 2 landmarks being quite viable option to each other.
Especially the Ottomans.

For feudal, both the Twin Minarets and the Sultani Trade are great feudal landmarks, the Istanbul Imperial and the Meme factory are also 2 very contrasting but just as viable landmarks. (I prefer the Istanbul, as I usually have crazy gold income with ottoman trade in teamgames)
And the Observatory and Sea gate keep are 2 quite situational but also just as viable landmarks.
I like my Sea gate Keep, as mentioned earlier, I tend to go for trade. and Ottoman trade becomes almost unraidable with the sea gate. (Takes 1 dmg from nongunpowder range units, and moves faster than most cavalry, + the castles protecting the route)
At least in my opinion.

But for the Mongols, we still have 1 utterly useless landmark + 1 semi-useless landmark the Kurultai.

The Khaganate Palace is a lost cause, so thats why I’m not gonna bother with it.

but the Kurultai has been shown some interest in, and had some changes lately.
However, even with these changes, It dosn’t make the landmark much better.

Personally I think they should do further changes, Keep the concept, but make it so that the Kurultai when the Khan is close to a Kurultai. All mongol towers grants 25% attack bonus.

This makes it so that using the Kurultai becomes less Micro-intensive.
You sacrefice the front-line Khan in order to give a more “defensive” bonus to the Mongols.
The Kurultai servers more as a retreat-point for wounded units, which then can move out with the khan for later raids.
The 25% damage bonus from towers, helps the mongol not just offensivly, but even more defensivly if they are getting counterpushed pretty hard.
Thematically this suits it much better.
The Kurultai wasn’t something hte Mongols put up in the front line.
It was more of a great meeting between all the khans to set up the next plans for whatever Mongol-matters were to be. + a great feast.
I don’t think the Mongols rolled up and started feasting in the middle of a battlefield as epic as that might sound like.
The Outposts with Yam network serves as sending the message to and from the Kurultai and out into the mongol empire.

So at least in my head, it makes more sense, not only thematically, but also Balance wise.

This would make the Kurultai far more attractive alternative to the already increadible strong Steppe Redoubt.

But if you know you have good map controll, and have the opponent pressiured, the 25% increased attack bonus from towers could be the little edge needed to break through the opponents resistance.
and prevent the infamous “power flip” that the mongols sometime experience.