Kurultai damage buff immediatly lost after leaving its radius

Kurultai mongol landmark heals all your units in a radius around it and if your Khan is in its radius, all units should get a +25% Damage buff for 30 seconds.

I just noticed in a game: The Damage buff is not applied for 30 seconds anymore. The damage buff is instantly lost after either the unit or the khan leaves the Kurultai range.
This renders the landmark completely useless. The damage buff will now never be usefully applied in a fight. you cant just pickup and place the kurultai in the middle of a fight (unit block). This nerf was not mentioned in the patchnotes but the 30second thing is now missing from the description (?!?). So it seems somewhat intended, but ridiculous if.

TL;DR: Units do not keep the 25% damage buff for 30 seconds after leaving the kurultai radius anymore.

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This one is by design. The change does seemingly change the utility of Kurultai to more of a defensive landmark, but the balance team is watching to see how it gets used. They are always watching for feedback.


Well, I myself wasa big fan of this very underused Landmark and i believe it was really great landmark if used correctly. It heals all your units in a radius around it and if your Khan is in its radius, all units get a +25% Damage buff for 30 seconds . This allows for smart raids, where you try to go in for 30 seconds, make damage and go back to heal or to reapply the buff. Combined with its reposition possibility and the Khans signal arrow, a great playstyle.

Now that this underused landmark got straight up hard nerfed, i doubt that there will be much to watch for the balance team.

I have to agree with Kalter, please reconsider this nerf to this already underused landmark.

While you’re at it, also reconsider the removal of the yam speed linger, this should never have been removed as it makes raids, esp in the early game when you may not have towers all over the map very slow. Also, with the increased cost of towers now and slower build makes the trade networks very slow until there are towers everywhere.