Kurultai IS BUGGED and so 100x worse than before

Kurultai is broken. It does not improve DMG when you are out of its aura yet it should be for 30s as it used to be.

Which means this landmark promoted from Z tier to Z- tier.

Please fix this.


I would like to add it dosnt heal friendly units either in teamgames. It registers them. But the healing they get is +0 hp

Thank you for reporting @XARDAScoh! Are you seeing this in retail or PUP?

@Kameho3743 this issue is one we’re aware of—hope to work on a fix soon. Appreciate it!

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PUP :slight_smile:


Hello developers.

I let you know about this bug ± after 1 hour of first PUP release.

Thanks you for listening to feedback as u usually do :slight_smile: (mega giga hard kappa)

You only changed a description in game for this landmark (not a single note about this additional and CRUCIAL change at all)

Thanks for ,great, landmark balance where u basicily made this landmark even worse than it was before … now u are forced to used it directly on front while somehow trying to keep Khan alive.

This thread is average AoE IV developer experience so far with you guys :slight_smile:

I believe the Khan is no longer required for this to work. I do know that the effect glow is not present for as long as the effect is actually active—fix coming for that.

What exact problem are you reporting @XARDASbohem?

@SavageEmpire566 , the attack damage buff used to linger for 30 seconds after leaving the radius of the Kurultai, but currently the damage buff is removed instantly after leaving the radius.

The other issue mentioned is that the Kurultai shows a green “+” above teammates’ units head, but they don’t actually gain any HP.

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I believe the damage buff lasts for 30 seconds, even though the glow isn’t present. We are aware that there are issues with the duration of the glow—should be a fix coming!

There’s also a fix in the works for healing allies :slight_smile:.