Lack of control group exclusivity and problems grouping from UI selection panel

For the love of everything, please give the option to disable this non-sense and enable a ctrl group exclusivity/overwrite, it makes everything worse. Most of the times my units end up in more than 1 group and move all over the place on the map. Whoever asked for this must have been an absolute masochist.
And grouping from UI selection panel doesnt work either.

  • So I have some archers, I want to place them only in Ctrl 1. Nope you wont, says the game! They are still in Ctrl 2 as well together with some villagers. Whenever I move those vills, here come the archers from the other side of the map. I NOW ALSO HAVE TO MANUALLY select all those vills as well from the live screen and place them in Ctrl 2 again.

  • Ok, I’m going to make use of that “awesome” UI selection panel which is not listing units individually, gonna press the select all military hotkey and click select only the archers group from there and place them in Ctrl 1. Oops! Now all my army all over the map is in Ctrl 1. It doesnt matter that I only clicked the archers in there. Good luck sorting it out from now on.

This is absolute ■■■■! There’s no other word for it. It drives me crazy. It totally makes the game a pain to play.

Not an answer u will like or wanna hear im sure… but i just let that army die when i need to remove a group… :laughing:

You can assign a group with nothing selected to clear it out, but it’s still not ideal.

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Ahh yes :+1: :clap: thanks……

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Select group 2, hold shift to deselect the archer group from the selection panel, save as new group 2.

Select military, hold control and select the archer group in the selection panel to deselect everything else, save as new group.

Also when having nothing selected, pressing control + number resets the group.