Lack of non-siege units that counter sieges in every civ!

Look at AOE 1, 2, and 3!
They all have non-siege units that countered sieges with bonus damage to it or less damage received from it.

Here in AOE 4, I can use all siege army to destroy my enemy without much struggle since only siege counters, are siege.

There is only one civilisation that has a non-siege unit that counters sieges- “Fire Lancer” - The Chinese civ…

All the other civs don’t have any non-siege units that can counter sieges.

AOE 4 needs new non-siege units that counter siege or buff most melee and ranged units to counter the siege or nerf the siege whatever is the best…

Currently, the game is a broken boring mess.
Full of sieges!


cavalry? scouts? firelancers? anything that is fast :).

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Nah, scouts cant do ■■■■ and they die too fast…
Nah, cavalry is too expensive and die too fast without dealing much damage due to slow torch attack speed and low damage.
Yes, only fire lancers are cost-effective counters that actually deal decent damage but die too fast when it is defended well with spearmen or any other units with high damage.
Otherwise, sieges are always the most cost-effective unit when it comes to fighting and deal much more damage.

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The game is great. It will get better and better. Every game developed early will have places to change and bugs. This is normal. Why is there so much prejudice against a civilization in the game? It feels incredible. It’s not like a mature person. It’s enough to reasonably express his suggestions.

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how is there prejudice against a civ?

It is a brainless balancing team that is working on basic things.

They just have to look at previous titles and could understand them easily.

For example:
Why sieges were so effective at range and not when it is attacked by most units.
Here in AOE 4, the sieges are like light tanks that are armored and cannot be killed by melee units with ease.

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I agree. There is only one generic anti-siege answer in this game. And this will be seen as problematic in the future.
The torch look more like an emergency button more suited against building. And light cavalry is shred by spears wich is easy to mass. So in most case it’s not really efficient. And if it’s not efficient that mean it’s not a counter.
Beside Culverin appear to be superior in any point against springald so how are you supposed to beat it in a even match ?
I’m not sure mass scout is really the best idea to buff against anti-siege. Once again a buff for the horseman - IMO - should be for the best. Since it should be an answer against range unit anyway right ?

Haaaa. I had the same issue with Rus Fanboys. The classic
“Don’t change the game we have easy no brain win right now so the game is perfect oQo” -_-’

It’s not.
There is a lot of flaw in the design. Hitboxes issues, pathfinding issues, balance issues since launch. Water gameplay unfinished and annoying. Some description don’t describe correctly the behavior of the subject it describe. Some civs feel clunkyier than others, would be great to finish their game mechanic because let’s face it the amount of bug will never decrease at this point so be prepared to live with them for a LONG time.
Some unit don’t act like originally designed (old-springald), nuke bombard, French Hulk (still WTH a castle unit in feudal ???).
And since Winter-patch :
-Delhi isn’t fun to play (for a game it’s an issue believe me)
-Spearmen may be a little too efficient
-Crossbowman buff ???
-Horsemen are not really cost efficient to say the least. Mangos, any melee unit, a simple outpost or a mass range unit counter Horsemen at ease…
(-And the springald balance was not their priority ! How in the world it can’t be ???)

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Even vils counter siege. I’ve personally had some success with the spread formation before engaging mangonels head-on (unwise but sometimes works). Scouts and horsemen vs unprotected siege is absolutely the direct counter (forgoing springalds or culverins).

that kind of thing happens only in low-skilled custom matches.
High-skilled players don’t leave sieges open and alone.

Well yes but actually no

Edit: Don’t believe me ? look at this.

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So, yours opponent has infranty and siege and use them well and you still dont know how beat him with only one unit? Man, this is the mainly idea of the counter system. You have to have a composition of units which can cover themselves. Spear and siege do this. And btw melee units do well against alone siege.

You are wrong…
20 characters yea yea

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And you are making such great and sofisticated argument about this…

Mine is logical and makes sense, yours is based on nothing xD

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  1. Mangos
  2. torching your oppenent is not cost effective except if your oppenent let you do it. which mean it wasn’t an even fight.

There is only one generic unit DESIGNED to counter siege and it’s the springald. WIch is an issue

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I read the forum enough long to can tell there will be a lot of people yelling “siege is useless, die to fast against XYZ” if there will be added / changed anything to have more counter to siege. Always somebody disagree with something.

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Those people are just trolling.
They are just so bad and don’t micro the sieges.
That is why they cry, when microed well, the siege are super OP.

And i’ve seen enough people on this forum saying Rus are wek and Delhi stonk.
What’s your point ?
Where are your tangible proof that siege can be easly countered without seige or a skill difference ?
Your opinion alone doesn’t worth anything does it ? Since people tend to be biased.

Here a fact if even on paper it’s an issue it mean that well played or in an even battle the issue WILL appear. For a competitive game it’s quite problematic since the goal is to challenge equally strong player until you get better and climb the ladder.