Lack of stats make masteries like "Accrue 2,000 stone through Traders" difficult to gauge

This mastery is the 13th Mongol mastery. I set up a very long and heavy traffic trade route with the Trader stone bonus during a long 2v2. But as far as I can tell, there is no way to see how much stone you’ve collected via trading either during the game or at the end of the game. I ended up not getting it, but I don’t know how close I was to achieving it. Am I missing something or does the game completely lack this statistic besides a total count of how much stone you got in a match?


I have done all mastery of all civs long time ago. And there is no counting -.-
With season 3 people can save and reload a game and mastery can still go on, At the moment if save and reload mastery is fu***d.
I suggest you to make a 1vs1 AI easy, start in age 1 with high ress. Raid your enemy without finish him. Built silver tree and move it as far as possible from neutral market and spam traders and never stoping, spam towers along trade route. Age up faster till age 4, remember “speed Yam upgrade” in tower and stone upgrade from silver trees for traders. In about 15 mins you have done it

It has been a weakness in the game since launch. They’ve made many improvements to the game, but this is something that has never been improved. Ideally, when you start a game, there would be some way to see what the next mastery is for that civ, and track progress.

Note that you don’t even need to have an opponent to complete these masteries, you can create a game with just you in it, and can start in any age and with any amount of resources. So you can have trading as your only source of stone and then you’ll know when you’ve done it. You can time a sacred site victory so you start it when you know you’ll have completed the mastery within 10 mins, or you can just forfeit the game. It’s all a bit of a waste of time, really.

You can also use mods, I’ve been using one called speed, which speeds up some things such as production times, but sadly doesn’t make the entire game run faster, so a sacred site victory still takes 10 minutes. I think it would make the traders move faster and get to 2000 stone earlier, though.