Lack of victory conditions

I just looked at the victory conditions on skirmish, why isn’t a conquest condition ?

I love playing with friends against very hard AI in AOE 2 and since we are not the best players, every time one is annihilated. It gives time to other players to build strong defences and let the defeated player to relocate behind their bases.

But i really find the monument victory condition not very fun in this case and prefer by far the old victory conditions from AO2. Siege units are very strong and buildings really lack tankiness compare to AOE2 in my opinion. So giving the victory just by destroying 3/4 buildings in order to knock out a player from a game even if he still has a strong economy is a big punishment.

I really hope they’ll add others victory conditions and more personalization to custom games such as population cap or treaty, well at least options we have in AOE2.

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In the lobby you can choose victory condictions as you wish. Untick Landmarks and it won’t matter if you lose them all, as long as you have a unit or building alive, you’ll be in the game. If you remove Sacred sites and Wonder as well, the only way to win is to completely annihilate the enemy, all its units and buildings. The IA didn’t surrender in beta, I don’t believe it does now so it may take a while to clear the map.


I didn’t even try to uncheck every conditions…

Thank you for your answer !


Took bloody ages as the AI had horses randomly circling the map… Need AI to surrender…

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yes it surrender pretty quickly if you destroy all the landmarks even in the beta was like that.

Wonder victory against AI sucks. And I think in general, wonder victory should be removed and left only for custom games (is there anyone enjoying that mode?).

Wonder victory is a must in games with teams because it forces the players to actually be more on the offensive and also helps to not have never ending games.