Lag spikes in 1v1 ranked games

Hi all,

I’m getting lag spikes in all the 1v1 ranked games I’ve played or the last two weeks or so. What happens is the game will freeze for a moment, then it unfreeze and sort of fast forward to catch up to the current state of the game. This will happen several times during the game, with probably less than a minute between each freeze on average (the time between them varies). This doesn’t happen in single player skirmishes vs the AI.
I checked my internet speed shortly after the most recent time this happened, it was around 50mbps, so no problems there.
All of my games over the past month have been on the ukwest server.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

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I have the same issue, I belived it was due my internet or my PC but I checked with other programs and games and just the Age 2 has lag or stuttering. Hope the devs fix that problema

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I’m having the same issue, also made a post copied below.

Since the latest major UI update, I’ve been having this major issue with online private play!

Whereby during a multiplayer online game, every few minutes or so the frame rates drop to half and essentially lags, then after 30 seconds or so the game speeds back up frantically, sometimes fast forwarding the game back to realtime. Then it’s lagless again for 5 or 10 mins.

I can barely do anything when the frame rate drops, it won’t register my clicks.

Game used to play perfectly fine before the latest update, so I’m 100% sure it’s that. But in any case I play on a Ryzen 3700u Vega 10…

Again, works perfectly fine in offline play, and also I think in online public lobby matches, but I’ll try this one again to make sure. (I usually play with the same group of friends)

It’s in private online matches that I am experiencing this issue!

Has anyone got any advice ? I basically fall behind as soon as the frame rate drop happens and then when it kicks back in I find dead villagers and all sorts.


Ok, I think I’ve found the problem. It seems the recording of the game causes the lag. As a workaround, is there a way to turn off recording for ladder games?

Thanks mate, this definitely did the trick for me. My GPU usage does not dip every 15 seconds anymore (presumably that was the Record Game File updating?).

Ok, good to hear it’s not just me! I submitted a support request, I’ll post here when they get back to me.

@Tazer007 Does it run better when you disable your antivirus? I use Malwarebytes myself and found that it runs fine when recording single player games once the antivirus is disabled. Obviously not ideal for multiplayer, but I’m in touch with AoE support about it. Will keep you posted

Thanks, it did run better with Recorded Games off, but now with malwarebytes uninstalled it runs perfectly again. Thanks so much!