Lag Spikes/ Regular Framrate drop in online games since new Update

Since the latest major UI update, I’ve been having this major issue with online private play!

Whereby during a multiplayer online game, every few minutes or so the frame rates drop to half and essentially lags, then after 30 seconds or so the game speeds back up frantically, sometimes fast forwarding the game back to realtime. Then it’s lagless again for 5 or 10 mins.

I can barely do anything when the frame rate drops, it won’t register my clicks.

Game used to play perfectly fine before the latest update, so I’m 100% sure it’s that. But in any case I play on a Ryzen 3700u Vega 10…

Again, works perfectly fine in offline play, and also I think in online public lobby matches, but I’ll try this one again to make sure. (I usually play with the same group of friends)

It’s in private online matches that I am experiencing this issue!

Has anyone got any advice ? I basically fall behind as soon as the frame rate drop happens and then when it kicks back in I find dead villagers and all sorts.