Lag, stuttering only after a game or two

Okay so as the title says I lag and stutter but only after I’ve played one or two games without restarting the client.

It only happens on water maps

But I know it isn’t my PC or graphics bc if I restart the client and play a water map I can stare at the water the entire game and not lag

But next game, if I hover my camera over water I lag so bad I cant move any units or select anything.

It makes it impossible to play water maps, even hybrids like ancient spires where there are small puddles of water around are impossible to play.

I am forced to quit quick matches therefore affecting my ELO.

I have tried all graphics settings, makes no difference.

Using an msi gtx 1850 gaming gpu, def not that.

After you’ve played a couple matches and are experiencing the lag, please quit out and contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Hopefully that will help us get to the bottom of why Age IV is having performance problems on your machine.


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