Lag with lots of farms

playing as the english, end game i decided to spam farms whilst i waited on wonder victory, i had around 100 farms and the game became very very laggy visual was very delayed and audio sounded robotic and i think it was due to the text popping up above the farms for how much gold/food was collected,anyway when i looked at a friendlys base there was no lag everything was fine but when i panned to my base oh boy it was like i was playing at 1fps

my specs are:
32gb ram
game running off ssd (samsung 970 evo m2 1tb)

gpu/memory usage was fine i was at 8.4gb ram, 15% utalisation on gpu and cpu was at 35% no background programs where open just aoe4

Thanks @iCeptic1! I’ll log this so the team can check it out. Appreciate it!