Lagging and stuttering when player ages up

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  • **GAME BUILD: 39515
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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When either myself or my opponent clicks age up the game stutters and freezes for a few seconds.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play multiplayer 1v1 Arabia
  2. Click up to feudal or wait for opponent to click up to feudal
  3. You will know when opponent has clocked up because the game lags for a few seconds

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It is expected that the game would not lag

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I’m dealing with the exact same thing.

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same here, and its also seen in twitch streams, even for the casters.
however, its not 100% of the times. seems random.

I have AoE2 installed on my windows and also on a Linux (using Proton DB). When playing on Linux, it’s more noticeable and and happen 100% of the times.
Before the previous patch, this sttutering used to happen when the update is complete. Now it happens exactly when the player clicks up. I think now it became a sort of vulnerability, because someone can know for sure when the opponent clicks up.


Same thing happening here + game is closing out of nowhere when the stutter happens and also midgame

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This happened to me for 3-4 month. But they fixed this issue on dlc patch for me. now i can’t know my oppenent clicked age or not :frowning: my advantage gone :smiley:

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I can report that the same thing is happening. Random. Not typical when age-ing. But it’s certainly the lag-stutter effect.


For me its not when someone clicks up, but as soon as the reasearch is going in (as soon as the message in chat is displayed)

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I’m seeing it on the HC4 streaming platforms.


I wanted to bump this topic. This bug has been in the game since a few patches ago when the stutter when a player reaches the next age was “fixed”. I want to stress that this is a game-breaking bug, knowing when your opponent is clicking up is information that can strongly decide the outcome of the game. I don’t know if the upcoming patch addresses this bug, but if it is not the case I won’t be playing multiplayer until it is fixed.


Bumping this topic again

For the past couple months, when either me or my opponent age up, my game COMPLETELY freezes for 1 entire minute (particularly bad when going from Feudal to Castle age). I assumed this would be fixed but it’s been a while. Anyone knows why it’s so bad for me? I have seen it for pro players but it’s just a 1-3 seconds lag, not a minute…

Anyone else still finding this as an issue?

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Yes, of course. Just check MBL stream, Survivalist as well, Daniel as well… Nothing has changed…

thanks for bringing our attention to this bug. Ill fwd it to our team so they can take a look at it!

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For the record, i still have this issue. Whenever me or any of my opponents click up to the next age, the game freezes for less than a second, giving me the advantage of knowing exactly when did someone click up. Let it be noted, in a 4v4 game I can only percieve it for the first 3 or 4 click-ups to the next age, meaning that it somehow manages not to freeze after those.

For the record, I’m still having the same issue.

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this is still bugged

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Please try disabling Steam Overlay and let me know if that fixed the issue?

Go Steam >Settings >In-game > Uncheck Enable the steam overlay while in-game

The issue is not fix with your tip.

I have a AMD CPU (Ryzen 2700X) and an Nvidia GPU (RTX 2070). With the task manager, I notice that, when someone clicks to age up, the GPU ressources taken by AoE 2 go to 0%.