Lags in multiplayer games

Hello there,

From time to time I experience quite a big lags and stutters in ranked multiplayer games (mostly in team games apparently). I think I have good internet connection - optical fibre, 750Mbps in DL, fully wired, no Wi-Fi.
I’m also using SSD disc and computer should not be a problem too.

Is there a way to check ping during a ranked game?
Or server location?

I’m trying to narrow down the issue, is it connected to my internet provider or server is just far away from me.

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My best guess its a mix of both.

If the game lags ( stutters ) it’s your PC.
If reactions happen with latency, it’s your internet, or the server.


Sometimes the game freezes completely for a second and then “catches up” and everything is moving super fast and my previous commands are being executed.

Hmm, so any FPS drops are caused by PC and ping does not have any role here? I will enable FPS to monitor frame ratio next time.

this actually sounds like internet latency, things freezing then catching up, not pc related, just shaky connection

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When freezing, can you still zoom in and out? :v if yes, then it’s connection

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I’m not sure if I can zoom or not, but it is good idea to check it :slight_smile: Thanks

But still, if connection is a culprit can I somehow check for more info during a game? Or maybe is it gathered in some logs? Info about latency during a game, IP of a server or any other info may be valuable to troubleshoot this problem. Or to report it to internet provider if needed.

This indicates a connection issue rather than computer issue, as you have to “catch up” with the server state.

It’s a bit cumbersome to check in ranked games. I guess if you’re quick enough you might be able to see your own match in live Spectator mode listing after it’s concluded. There it can be seen what server location it was played on.

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Thanks guys.
And just my curiosity - do you always have a smooth gaming experience or suffer from some lags from time to time?


I get lag sometimes but not often. Just depends sometimes I get games that lag in the beginning then improve. But normally not too bad especially considering I live in a fairly rural area. It lags worse in ranked games. Probably because I don’t know what server it is on. If I play in the lobbies I only pick lobbies closer to my region and I rarely have problems.

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Do you try to activate the “resource preloading” (something with a similar name) beta option ?

I often had lag in team multiplayer. Very often during the 2nd and 3rd games (the first was always perfect). But since I’ve activated this option, I’ve had much less lag.

its asset preloading, just to ensure he’s searching for right setting

acontece comigo varias vezes isso o jogo congela e depois volta na velocidade rápida como se
fosse para alinhar com o tempo do adversários

Yes, I’m already using assets preloading feature. It is a good one, it makes game smoother for sure :wink:

Ping to closest AOE3DE servers are a decent one (43ms to server in Western Europe and 51ms to Western UK). Every other region has 150-300ms so rather unplayable.
I guess sometimes I have bad luck and I’m matched with someone very far away and server is away too (as I said it is pretty much only happening in team games when there are more players and there is a bigger chance we are spread around the globe).

Or there are some rare latency spikes which I probably can’t fix.

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