Lakota Rework without any Chief changes (treaty perspective)

I see a lot of good balance changes were taken into account in the Lakota rework which is great. One thing i don’t get which wasn’t addressed was the bonus the war-chief gets vs art. (battle anger) The chief is such a tank unit, I just don’t see how it’s ‘balanced’ that he can run up and poke 10 pieces of art without consequence. Even if I focus my entire army on the chief, its usually not enough. Even worse if you have art close together at all, it can poke 1-4 units in one single action. Should this not be a cool down ability? and maybe get their archer a bonus vs art… or something? I get they don’t have culvs, I know you can wall spam, I know about spies/assassins… it just seems that it’s way to efficient for Lakota to destroy art and it extremely penalizing to opponent for every piece of art that’s lost. Even in normal “culv war” units are lost on both sides… Lakota just quickly micros pit to re spawn chief and then pokes any art again.



Their tanky function is kind of ridiculous and it would be better if they made the Warchief much weaker but also allowed you to train several of them. There are a ton of famous Lakota war chiefs like Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Red Cloud, etc, so being able to get a few of them would make sense.