Lakota Rifle Rider must be nerfed

Lakota Rifle Rider must be nerfed

This unit, which destroys heavy infantry in seconds, definitely needs to be nerfed. This is why heavy infantry-based civilizations such as Sweden and the Ottomans do not stand a chance against the Lakota. The price of this unit should be increased slightly and its multiplier against heavy infantry should be decreased slightly. You will say that Rifle Rider has both light cavalry and heavy cavalry tags. It’s the right, but that still doesn’t make this unit balanced. That’s why this unit definitely needs to be nerfed. In this way, the game can become more balanced.


congratz on believing one of the lowest hp, most expensive and easiest to counter units needs a nerf


They get hard countered by both skirms and goons, and specialist heavy infantry like Caroleans and Azaps trade cost effectively with them. They really aren’t an issue unless you’re throwing standard heavy infantry at them.


One RR is equal to slighly more than 2 caroleans. With 19 dmg, 2 units and a 1.5 multi you’ll have 57 dmg every 2.5s whole the RR has 39 dmg every 3s. Aside from that two caroleans have way more HP than a RR and you can card them to get even more multiplier, range and eventually range resist. Sorry to tell you that but if you’re Caros lose to RR it’s not because RR are OP

and regarding Otto: if you have a problem countering something as Otto just stop using the same unit like an idiot and make the actual counter - trust me Otto has counters for anything and they are pretty much all busted.


Use dragons and equivalents against them, they are also heavy cavalry.

I’m not sure if that unit needs a nerf because it has too many counters, but it also counters too many units and has high stats, maybe a little increase in its price is enough.

If anything, RR need a buff in making them less all or nothing. As they are and have been, they either steamroll their opponents or get essentially 1-shot, there’s no real matchups where they win or lose based on skill.

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When you fight against the Lakota Rifle Riders with a unit of pure musketeers, it may just be your problem.
Why don’t you transition and mix some light infantry and dragon cavalry?

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Rifle Riders are not in need of any kind of nerf with so many units doing bonus damage against them.

Stop spamming Musketeer type units and use some Ranged Cavalry against them Rifle Riders hate fighting Ranged Cavalry.


The Ottomans eventually lost against the Lakota because the Ottomans could not cope with the Lakota’s economy. If you talk to professional players who know the game well, you can be sure that they will say that the Lakota will defeat the Ottomans eventually. Sweden and the Ottomans would eventually lose to the Lakota’s mixture of skirmishers and rifle riders. By the way, you’d better follow the rules of courtesy when sharing an opinion. You cannot explain your ideas to the other person by making stupid sentences like this. Even if you are right, you will be proven wrong.

Assuming you are talking about treaty that really has to do more with Lakota’s very efficient eco and that they have siege resist lategame which hampers otto’s ability to counter them rather then the rifle rider cause that if anything that combo is hard countered by azaps and abus.

both otto and swede doesnt have efficient skirms that will trade well against lakota skirms so they are eventually grind out but that has little to do with the rifle riders, if anything the bow rider is more efficient in that task then the rifle rider

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I take it you’ve never heard of the Skirmisher-Dragoon composition?

I’m mostly jesting, but Lakota really does not like it when civilizations with strong skirmishers make it to Age III, hell, if USA picks Tennesee, it’s JOEVER for the Lakota.

Otto is tempo CIV not eco so they shouldn’t take the long game vs Lakota. And even if they do so, losing vs Wakina + RR sounds impossible when you have the most unbalanced skirm unit ## #### ################# Sweden on the other hand should definitely outeco Lakota unless raised and can go for Savalox Jägers to counter skirm RR

just make skirm goon gg ez

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Just put a record here you are using Lakota RR defeat Otto and Sweden same skill player.

That would be pretty difficult for him since Sweden feels quite rare in ranked and the Ottoman players you will face are lower skill at same elo