Lakota Scoutspam BS

Please change/remove the ability to train scouts at the Warchief.
Especally in the narrow space of a town (/at the Factories) the masses of scouts are bodyblocking any unit. In the game i played, my Lakota opponent had 4 Dog soldiers and his warchief, ran right in to my eco and spammed infinte scouts. They have 306 hp and quite high siege damage (44) from the ceremony. My units couldnt kill the dog soldiers, because of the scouts playing bodyguard for them - my villagers couldnt get inside of my towncenter because of the scouts playing bouncer. Its really frustrating and doesnt make sense at all. Pls reduce the amount of trainable scouts to 3-5, reduce the hp and dont let them get effect from the siegedamage ceremony.


Highly disagree here. They are neither OP nor too strong. A bit annoying probably but nothing more.
Trust me, Lakota has so many more aces up their sleeves that this is one of the least concerns.
Having a lot of siege is normal, many of their units (looking at you, axe riders) get absurd amount of siege when they put 20+ vills on the Community Plaza.

Look at tournament games and regular high level streamers and you will see that Lakota has much scarier weapons in their arsenal.


300 hp 15 damage 0.10 res for an age 5 unit is super bad ^^


It is a civ with no Artillery whatsoever, they will have to get their Siege Damage somehow.

In any case, their Axe Rider spam can already win them the game in Colonial, the Native Scouts are not even an issue.

I remember that they have a cavalry unit that hides and the more the number, the higher the combat ability. Maybe it can greatly increase their siege damage. Just like the Russian cavalry.

Tashunke Prowlers. Not actually that good, in the face of Axe Rider or Rifle Rider spam, precisely because Tashunkes are only good in numbers, and have a very limited unit cap, even with the card that increases it.

As soon as you lose 3 of them, you will start losing more and more of them.

Still decent for sneak attacks, but you do not really need sneak attacks as Lakota, you can just bomb into the enemy Town and wreck it. Even Walls cannot stop you.

Also, Wakinas with Windrunners and a few Clubman to handle buildings, or a good Clubman Rush deck, far outshine any Tashunke strategy.

Tashunke have like 18 limit with all card, when 18 of them grouped together with warchief they’re almost equal to Tokala soldier in terms of damage and siege, while in low number they’re worse than Axe Rider. Both Tokala and Tashunke have 2 unique card, so unless you gonna micro the stealthy aspect of them, it’s better be going Axe Rider and Tokala Soldier.

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im not scared of the 15 atk tbh. The infinte Numbers and relative high siege attack make them rellay anoying, while fighting in your base. They are blocking your troops and as soon as you kill them, the warchiefs spawns new ones. Its like a moving russian blockhouse spamming crash test dummies.

idc if lakota has scarier weapons what so ever, this just feels broken and very dumb. I would wish Lakota was a more serious civ and wouldnt rely on a menagerie of cheese tactics (in regular games, not on pro level).

Yes, I agree with the idea of ​​reducing the number of scouts to 10 or 15, I faced 2 Lakotas in 1 vs 1 that at 12 min they began to spam those explorers, I was honestly surprised that in that short time I could attack me with so many, personally I do not consider it an OP strategy, surely it is easy to counteract, but due to ignorance I have no idea what to do against that spam 21. Also, it is kind of sad because lately many Lakota players depend on those scouts to defend themselves, as for example in this game.

Regarding siege, I wouldn’t even touch it, it’s a good skill the Lakotas need in the absence of artillery.

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Usually if they only start to spam scout at 12min… it is really late.

The record from Aiz also used vils & 4 cav only to defend rush, do you think this is OP?

It doesnt matter if Aiz defended it with vills and 4 cav… because most people arent Aiz. This tactic is ridiculous and annoying.

Mosquitos are easy to beat, nonetheless would every sane person not want to deal with them.

Well, actually it is an approach that I do, also I said that it did not seem like an OP strategy, I was playing with Incas, I made a direct ff and I had time to request a couple of shipments, I suppose that at 8-9 min it started the spam, at 12 should have about 60-70 scouts attacking, it was pretty overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do.
For me, these scouts should be used as a last resort for defense like Aiz did or to spy on the enemy base, never as a mass attack unit. That is why I agree to only allow 10 or 15 to be produced (with that Aiz could play), if not, give the Inca the possibility of producing more than 7 chasquis with their respective chasquis improvement card. (worst of all, scouts can use stealth)

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Um…because I seldom defend the base until 12 min, it is hard for me to understand how is your game.
However I agree that should be act like spy or scout rather than attacker.

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But that is our point. It is neither lame nor broken. Get better and you will look back at this thread and facepalm thinking:

“How the hell did I complain about something which wasn’t even a problem in the first place?”