Lakota should get their TCs cheaper again like they used to be

So the Lakota used to have TCs available for 100w less than everyone else’s, presumably because the Lakota uniquely don’t benefit from the +10 population space granted from having a TC (and 100w is what a House costs for most civs). This price reduction was in place from their creation in 2006 all the way through the DE launch (when TCs were changed from 600w → 500w for non-Lakota and 500w → 400w for the Lakota) and all the way until last June when the Lakota TC cost was “restored to the usual cost of 500 wood”, according to the patch notes.

Anyway, currently it seems like most folks agree the Lakota are in a bad spot in terms of winning games so I don’t think a nerf-reversal like this would ruffle too many feathers. I certainly see TCs as being difficult to justify building whenever I play Lakota despite the existence of things like the Adoption card. What do y’all think?


Maybe they could get less HP too if is too unbalanced for devs


I would rather just have all other civs’ TCs be 600w again. TCs have become too spammable, especially with certain civs.


Totally agree, revert this!

I wouldn’t even mind if the lakota tc cost 400w and the otto tc cost 600w

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One civ in particular…