Laming balance suggestions on Arabia

Totally agree with OP. Laming should be more punishable.

Some of these changes are not possible. The suggested degree ratio to TC is not available in the game atm. I have spoken with Chrazini on similar topics but the game is way too old to allow such rather simple changes to the maps. To have such possibility devs should invest alot in reworking the random map script.

it’s just showing how ethical a person is, different people has different standard about the definition of sportsmanship is.

Rule is rule, it’s okay if people really want to do laming as the game doesnt make the rule to stop it.

However, what I want to point out that even smurf is kind of “official” allowed in the game. And indeed, some of the people here even supporting smurf, and in other games as well.

Another example, unpaused other is allowed in the game too but I think people will disrespect for this behavours commonly.

Laming boar, stealing sheeps, walling resources, for my point of view, is totally related to luck than skill.
boar laming can be unstopptable depends on the boar and the SC location, so as to sheeps, walling resources etc. Every 1600+ players able to do this, and I think most of the players who dont do this not just because of calculating the pros and cons, but also they agree it’s kind of shameful of keep doing such things.

Alright, again, it’s just showing how ethical a person is to agree laming is not related to sportmanship or not. Totally fine to do it. and It’s totally fine for my judgement on this as well.

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Problem is that some matchups are completely imba without laming… so until that is fixed, laming is pretty much the way to go… or else we could say that picking certain civs is bad sportsmanship…

At least for my changes lamimg is still very possible, just needs a bit more care

The main reason I hate lamers is because they get an advantage from the sportsmanship of their rival. If a lammer says in chat at the start of the game that he will lame me, I could respect that, but they don’t because his oponent could do the same and that’s not cool, isn’t it?

I would ban lamming from the game but since there seems to be a lot of people supporting this behaviour I would take another solution:

-If you lame a boar you will have a boar icon next to your name in the next 10 matches, so your oponent will know if he’s facing a lamer and can lame you aswell or just be careful and protect their resources. I’m sure this will help a lot.

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Sportsmanship? It’s a feature in a war game. It’s possible to defend from laming. If you can’t counter laming, you need practice, not a holding hand from devs. Laming isn’t that easy to pull-off. Fast games are the best, if laming is banned, the game will turn slow. Not everyone likes that. Don’t want laming? Create custom games with rules against it

I have already a boar icon and clan name that indicates scorched earth tactics.

I still think that lamings are too easy to pull off, which exactly is my concern

defending boar laming including luck, depends on the position of the SC and the boar.

I don’t think this game would be much fun if everyone announced the strategy they’re going to go for at the beginning of the game.

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If laming is removed civs like Mongols and Viet lose out a lot. I wouldn’t mind laming removed from the aspect of how annoying it is but at the same time it feels like another thing that casual or lower skilled players want removed/added to help them more than anything. I don’t like laming personally I can lame sometimes but I wouldn’t want it removed just cos I’m not super consistently skilled at it. I lame only Vs better players full team clans and as the weaker civ on flank TG only. I don’t like laming personally as I feel it’s an easy crutch to use if you get good at it but it’s still core to the game and an element of skill I say keep it in the game personally

Even real war has it’s honor codes since the begining of times. It’s not all allowed in real war but that’s another topic. I’m 1K6, I think I have a solid knowledge about the game but you can listen to TheViper for example. He said laming is pure luck, adds too much RNG to the game and has ruined the show in several tournaments. If you think standard games are boring you should go an play countestrike because aoe2 is not for you.

And for people who say the game allows it so it has to stay… The game has suffer like thousands of changes since 1999. Laming has never been an thing for years because of lag and developers never thought laming could even exist. They didn’t design the game for laming, that’s ridiculous. It’s just an exploit that hasn’t been patched. Like the palisade scanning thing and many others.

I’m pretty sure if everybody starts to lame, lamers would be complaining about it. But since they are the people taking advantage over honorable players, they are fine with it. They even call it a strategy. You could hide vills in corners of the map and wait for your oponent to disconnect. That’s another strategy and the game allows it so it’s fine, isn’t it?

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I mean if this is so true, then why don’t the favoured civ lame too to prevent the weaker civ from coming back?

RNG is inherent to the way AOE 2 operates and it’s what makes it so much more different than the other RTS. Reducing the “unfair” spawns might seem like a nice idea until all the TC’s spawn in a perfect circle to avoid one player having a TC spawn closer to a wall, and therefore have an easier base to seal off.

Which is an actual thing.

Trying to control for “unfortunate circumstances” is a slippery slope, forget it being antithetical to what AOE2 is.

Lmao. Ever heard of scorched earth tactics? Denying your opponent resources is forcing them to take fights they have disadvantage with. Nothing to do with honorable gamers (lmao, it’s a game), sportsmanship… It’s a feature. You want to split every resource 50/50 in the map? No? Well, then it’s not honorable.

I didn’t know about wall scanning until I game back to Aoe2 2016. Even then, I never used it, I didn’t Care of someone used it against me. Similiar thing with Command and Conquer/Red Alert. If you hovered over Fog of War, you could still hear enemy movement and such. I wasn’t bothered with it. It’s not the same as claiming resources.

Hiding with vills in a corner with no res isn’t a tactical retreat, this is already solved with Spies no less.

I don’t want every game to be 1-2 hr long.

Tbh, I have actually done this or that people asked if I were going to lame them. Even if they are prepared, they struggle, some defend against it really well, but yeah. When they see someone picked Goths on certain maps, especially Socotra, you know it’s Dark and Feudal Wars :smiley:

I would really suggest this forum should include the elo attached system for every users.
seeing so many “pro” players here having their thoughts, telling you do laming and walling resources and claim this is purely skills, it’s really funny.

This is not a kind of skill at all for every 1600+ players.


Dude, I’m 850 and can do it.

How does it relate to the topic at all? I am over 1600 elo btw

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