Laming balance suggestions on Arabia

Before the post gets a lot of hate, let me say that I am not suggesting to make laming harder - rather, to make laming slightly more punishing for the less skilled player, as I think the current lame punishment is too low.


  • If you draw a line between two TCs, no sheep should spawn near 10 degree angle between two TCs.

This is just to prevent the rare annoying case where two batch of sheeps of two different players spawn together


  • Moves at speed of 0.9 while attacking. (Was 1.0, scout is 1.2 and eagle is 1.1)
  • Attack damage to scout increased to 15, attack damage to eagle increased to 17
  • Spawns with at least 60 degrees from each other, while one of them should be spawn closer to enemy TC (the 180 degree plane near the enemy TC)

If the player is less skillful in laming, they would take two hits by boars, which will down the scout to 15hp and eagle to 16hp, which is in danger zone but still can tank a few hits from enemy scouts.

It still rewards players with better skills of laming if the scout is hit once only. It also helps in boar luring as boar is nearly as slow as a vill (0.8) now.

What do you think?


Remove boar laming would be a better choice.

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This sounds like a good idea for maps on which teammates spawn close together.
However, I wonder if 10% is enough. On the other hand, if you spawn between 2 Teammates this makes finding your sheep pretty easy. Perhaps too easy :thinking:

I disagree with these changes. A failed boar lamie is already punishing enough (lost HP on scout, lack of intel on what the enemy is doing, depending on how early the lame was, may even be a lack of intel on your own base). Especially if you are a meso civ vs a ‘normal’ civ, a failed lame sometimes means dead eagle, since there’s nothnig you can do to stop the enemy scout from killing your eagle.


I mean, if your scout is dead after laming, you are definitely not skillful enough to lame (same as luring - if your vills are dead luring a boar, you should practice luring more). For meso civs, getting single hit from boar results in 33hp left, which still takes at least 10 hits from scout to score a kill. Unless you are laming the back boar, you should be at the TC by that time.

(Basically, I think that laming skills are not reflected in the actual laming right now, as you can usually tank two hits from boar and still get away with it).

lost HP =/= death. Eagles are different, if the opponent (with a scout cav civ) spots the lame, you will likely get the eagle killed, as you can’t fight back, nor outrun it.

And the main point is still: lack of scouting as a result of failed lame will hit you hard, since now you will have no clue what strat your opponent will go for.

Yea, thats why:

  • For meso civs, getting single hit from boar results in 33hp left, which still takes at least 10 hits from scout to score a kill. Unless you are laming the back boar, you should be at the TC by that time.

I still think that failed laming should be punished harder, as

  • It’s currently pretty easy to lame front boar if you want
  • Meso civs have scouting advantage, combined with sheep scouting, you should get no less info than non Mongol scout.

This of course depends on things, but sometimes you can end up getting your eagle blocked for 2nd hit from boar. And afterall you will have effectively no way to scout, because you will have lots of lost HP that the scout can easily jump on your eagle if you decide to send it out again anyway.

The game is already punishing enough for small mistakes even. I mean, do we just want to start calling gg’s in dark age now, or what? :slight_smile:

It is pretty difficult to block eagle for 2nd hit in DE imo. It’s just too easy to evade and choose another path. Also, if you send your eagles forward, chances are that you will lame their sheep as well.

Eagles can heal in TCs, and usually boar lame are followed by Militia / MAAs (for the food bonus, scouting and also early snowballs). This is deadly if executed correctly, thats why I think it should be deadly if executed poorly as well.

I think that it will promote players to practice laming more, as I think getting hit twice is a big mistake already.

(In particular, getting hit once after the change is still way better than getting hit twice right now for both scouts and eagles)

With the pathing in DE… I take nothing for granted :smiley: On the other hand I agree that laming is a very important part of dark age, but just don’t think it needs extra punishing, because it will just make it very hard for new players to find willingness to try and learn it.

I think the greatly reduced lag in DE makes laming easier (in Voobly age you have to calculate the delay of scout and it was super hard).

I am not sure, at least it can be applied to pro games, that way laming is more like a calculated decision than almost way to go in case of front boars.

I think it’s not actually good that laming has to be a way to go, but for that to be fixed, other things in the game would need to change… until then, laming it is!

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laming, walling resources, to be honest, = no sportsmanship
I wont even say any GG to these opponents.


No, laming isn’t that common among LELs. Just leave it as it is.

Pretty please? I just want to have some fun.

its just like the other things like walling or fc only if you dont know how to play around it. welp there is always a way and its a part of the game no need to get salty about it

it s funny i have never said i couldnt handle my BO after being lamed. for me, having a boar lost is not the end of the world. but it doesmt change the reality that laming ia somehow destroying the sportsmanship. it s just like some football players dping their actinga in penalty area.

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in high elo matches, laming arent difficult if u just send your scout to other at the start. i can try lamingin everygame but as i have said, i wont do this as it s kind of destroying sportsmanship. i ll only do that when the opponents lamed me before.

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its a 2 edged sword to be fair i mean i get your way with the whole unsportsmanlike behaviour. but there is no reason to not get yourself an advantice. also i think its pointless to recode it so scouts cant attack boars (for example) or make them recieve more damage because as dumb as it sounds the intended way ofvillagers percist and people will find ways around it

Edit: no matter you twist or turn it there is no unsportsmanlike behaviour in this