Laming boar even easier now

Now that you only have to hit the boar once laming boar is slightly easier now. I just got 2 sheep and 1 boar lamed and resigned because there is nothing worse than a lamer who feels like they earned a win after playing a full game. You just stole over 500 food from me and expect me to try now? And he picked mirror civs too laming must be his entire strat.

So this got me thinking since close to 99% of the community doesn’t lame especially in 1v1 making laming impossible would please more players than ■■■■ off. Even then I dont think lamers would quit playing just because laming is hard now.

A solution:
Boars should lose agro when they travel a certain distance from their starting spot just enough to lose agro before making it to opponents base or make them lose agro within a certain time. So if someone really wants to lame they have to forward villagers which makes the laming process a bit more balanced. At the point there is no trade of too laming, your scout takes 1 extra hit? Oh big whoop not like it will matter when you lame 350 food and get to feudal faster. Laming is broken


In Voobly people would just stop playing with you if you lamed. But in AOE2DE, where there’s a matchmaking system in play, I say it’s fair game to lame.

Despite being obnoxious and a little bit questionable, it’s such a core mechanic of the game I’d be surprised if anything will be done to change it. Same goes for walling in resources , using foundations to get permanent vision of an area, clicking an opponent’s dock to see where their fishing ships or navy is, or building scanning in fog.

Of course in DE there’s currently no penalty of leaving ranked games if you don’t like your start (civ matchup, opponent, teammates, can’t find your sheep, etc…) so you could always just leave the game.


Just hit the boar twice like always so they don’t lose agro.

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I lose a game when I took 3 boars, and my oponent- 1 boar. I also won a game where I took only 1 boar( because I did not see the second boar ), while my oppponent took 2 boars. Usually noobs- “No rush players” resign if they have less boars or sheeps when play Black forest map. Some of the boars and sheeps may be locked in the forest.

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laming and stealing sheep takes a bit of micro and costs the person doing it. It’s annoying when I have to defend that early but I win often against people who try it. They’re not scouting as well… getting their scout killed often…

I think @SpartanCow696 has a good approach for the answer: since hitting the boar only once is unreliable, the lamer might screw his laming and waste more time trying to lure or outright fail. And anyway when you lame with a villie you wall him in pallisades since he just can’t bring the boar to hte base (actually I’m pretty much sure a Berber villager with loom couldn’t do it). So in the end this new mechanic will just punish lamers who try to play it smart

Honestly, this is my number 1 pet peeve with the ranked system in DE. I don’t enjoy playing with people who lame consistently and frankly wouldn’t play with them again if there was an option to avoid them. And since everyone knows it’s easier in DE, you see far more people just not scouting their own base completely and running out to lame first. It’s different if you’re laming after scouting your own base. But just forgoing scouting to go and screw over your opponent? I get that it’s part of the game and respect that at a higher level. But at a lower or even mid-level, we’re all just trying to get better and have fun.

I have limited time to play and when I play I would rather have a game that is actually testing what I need to improve on, not having to completely rework strategy every fourth game because you get matched up with someone can’t win consistently without laming. It’s a lazy cheese strategy. At least a douche, trush or lithuanian drush requires some skill beyond not letting your scout die.


In NAC3 there is a rule that disallows stealing boar with a scout. I like this idea and I think it could be easily implemented. (e.g. by letting boars not chasing military units) I think the base community could sometimes really benefit from expert’s houserules and I really like their idea.

Did you know that stealing a boar has a few downsides?

  • Enemy scout is in danger when scouting your base.
  • Enemy often gets idle tc time while focusing on the steal.
  • Low HP scout.
  • You can get away without loom or delaying it.

I can only imagine how frustrated you are because I had the same experience and I must admit it was annoying. But later and with some practice I learnt how to play without boars and sheep

Two years ago I made a complete guide on how to recover from lamers at ease:

And if you want to beat a lamer be one and you’ll learn more how it works and weaknesses of laming.

My last advice to you is to play 1v1s with a smile on your face and a positive spirit. Win or Loss it does not matter eventually you’ll get better by analyzing your mistakes.


All of those points are invalid now except for enemy idle time but that is only for really low rank players. You can now hit boar only once and lure it without boar losing agro even if another unit hits it multiple times. This means that if you hit boar really quickly and start to run you can get away without ever losing any HP

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Hitting a boar once still diminishes scout hp. It is a huge deal if you know how to restore your economy properly. Therefore the points stand valid in addition to the possibility that a lamer may lame without finding his own sheep/boar.

I heard from the top players if you time it right, you can lame the boar without losing any hit points.

The problem is on certain maps, it is actually a good play to attack your own boar with your own scout. So you wouldn’t necessarily want to disallow it from chasing all military units. But you can always have it deal a very large amount of bonus damage.

If you don’t want to get lamed, bring in your boars earlier or protect them with your scout. If laming is easier in DE that just means this is a more important part of the game now. It makes the dark age more interesting to be honest. If both players lame each other then it’s a wash. Laming also reduces the amount of knowledge you’ll have about your own base too. It’s a tradeoff and one that I actually like. New players don’t lame and get frustrated because they haven’t learned to lame or defend from laming yet.


Love how you ignored certain parts of the argument in favor of advocating a basic strategy that almost everyone is aware of already. The devs actually fixed the issue in a previous patch, recognizing that it is a problem how easy it was. The issue was that you could do it with a single scout hit. But thanks for dredging up an old topic :joy:

The topic of the thread from op according to his first post is that most players hate laming and allowing for only one hit made the problem worse. He even suggested adding game mechanics that outright make laming impossible and so I was taking the other side and defending why we should keep laming in the game. If you want me to start yet another thread on boar laming and a discussion of whether we should continue to allow it in the game then I can. If I create a new thread, you’d flame me for starting a new thread when there already is one. If I comment on this one, you’d flame me for being off-topic. :man_shrugging: If it’s so obvious, then why didn’t anyone else comment on how it makes dark age more interesting, both players can lame if they want, and that there are other tradeoffs and disadvantages to laming (not previously mentioned in the thread).

We appreciate hearing your opinion and your comments. I believe the new patch brought back balance to laming as you need two shots on the boar and the boar does considerable amount of damage to your scout. Making laming risky and also very APM intensive. I think thats a fair trade for losing a boar as the enemy scout will always have to run from your scout and there is a good chance especially in low levels that he will idle TC, get housed or even lose a vil to his own boar while laming


I’m sorry, but what do you mean by the clicking an opponents dock? How does it show where their boats are?

I, too, am intrigued to learn about this dock magic.

I believe they’re referring to the exploit where you can see your opponent’s gather points on your minimap when you click on their buildings.

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