Laming ruined HC3 finals

We all knew Viper was the favourite to win but laming during the games just ended the games before they even began. We are lucky Hera didn’t just resign after being lamed 2 out of 4 games. I honestly hate laming in this game. I wouldn’t mind if all 8 sheep spawned right next to your TC and the boars were unlureable with scouts.

What do you guys think?


I feel like the only counter to laming is laming too. I remember a pro game in voobly that both players lamed at the same time and exchanged boars. They both almost broke their mouses clicking like crazy and no one got an advantage. Yeah the micro in scout fights is a sight to see, but if you are going to put on an shown do it right and go to imp.


I mean there were other matches where the laming didn’t matter but in those it was just brutal. If they made it easier to block the boar with the scout or just a bit harder to do the boar in general it’ll be fine. The sheep is on you I feel.

even viper said the issue is more not being able to block the boar. like you kinda can but its not going to stop it.

Viper said its actually impossible to block the boar right now. Also both Viper and Hera said that they asked T90 to make laming forbidden and T90 said he really wanted laming to be in HC3. So yeah seems like not even the top two players like laming.

Yeah exactly. If you watch MBL showcase there is a funny video of him running into viper as he is laming and he manages to block Vipers scout and get him killed while laming Vipers boar. Its insane how good MBL is with laming…


I mean… the comment you quoted is me saying viper said the issue is more not being able to block the boar. so yes I agree blocking the boar is pretty impossible because while you can get the scout in the way it blocks it for like a second and doesn’t stop it so I was agreeing with you there…

however laming in general was not their issue as its been a thing before and they were fine with it. just that you cant block the boar so until that’s fixed laming shouldn’t be allowed at least not boar laming.

Oh yeah i see what you are saying. The fact that its impossible to block the lamed boar needs to be fixed for sure. But in general laming is literally just lame. It makes the game lame. Thats what im trying to say. It ruined HC3 even if you could block the boar and didn’t it still sucks. Id rather have the devs make laming impossible than make it impossible to stop.

There have already been several threads about laming, including this fairly recent one with a poll:

Over 100 people participated in the poll, and only 10% definitively disapprove of laming as a feature. I’ll reiterate my own opinion, which is that laming, like any other tactical or strategic aspect of the game whereby one may gain an advantage over an opponent, is fine. The beauty of it is that, while your opponent can do it, so can you. You can also prevent it by being proactive (not that it works 100% of the time, but the odds are excellent if you go into the game with that intention). By the way, some civ bonuses (like Celts) are specifically made with laming in mind, at least when it comes to sheep, so it is definitely intended to be part of the game. Now, it’s clear that there are some shenanigans afoot with how pathing currently “works,” and that should be fixed (including making boar blocking possible again), but other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Regarding the HC3 Finals, most of us would have liked a closer match and some wins for Hera, but even without laming, I don’t see those games going much differently, at most a 4:1 in favor of Viper. Viper was always one step ahead, and I don’t think Hera was at his peak in terms of mindset (for example, his Incas pick on Slopes was a desperate and highly reactionary choice). Da Snek is and has been in a league of his own for years, and while some players give him a run for his money on certain elements of the game (micro, macro, mindset, civ/map strategy, preparation, consistency/endurance), he’s the full package that regularly synthesizes all of these elements into his gameplay, especially when it comes to major tournaments.


Hera insisted on pushing deer every game and lost the boars in process. He should have learnt his lesson game 1 but he didn’t


even viper said the issue is more not being able to block the boar.

Not just the grand finals, I watched most of HC3 matches, and I don’t remember any player are succeeded to stop the laming when the opponent hit the boar twice. (correct me If I wrong)

It really looks like nothing that players can do to stop it.

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Laming part of the game for years. Nothing is fair in war. I see 3 cows I’m taking them. If it’s an easy boar lame I’ll take it too. Although I’m not the best at managing all that stuff at once. And Viper didn’t win the Finals because of laming. He made Hera look like a noob. Hera choked in the big game. Viper has the experience in those situations and it showed.


I didn’t say they did? you quoted where I said the issue is not being able to block the boar…lol

I agree with you actually, sorry if I use the quote function wrong

just want to say this is not the issue that only viper think about, other players may think as well because no one managed to block the boar in this tournament

ahh alright, misunderstood it as thinking I didn’t agree.

But yeah you can just slightly delay the boar but not enough to stop it. I’m curious if it’ll be updated in the next patch.

He told that during a stream this week to and just in that moment blocked the boar and stopped the lame :man_shrugging:

Its atm a bit harder than it could be but still very much possible to stopp a boar lame. Sheep is more or less on you if you cant find them fast enough tbh and laming didnt realy matter for HC3 finals at all. Hera was just in anyway totaly outclassed by Viper and the only thing that “ruined” the games is the fact that Viper is just to good and no player right now is even close to his peak level :sweat_smile:

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That must have happened because the luring scout stepped out of the boars line of sight. I don’t know too much about laming boars because i never do them myself but I am not going to disagree with the worlds best player if he said that blocking the boar is impossible.

Yeah I totally agree with that but it would have been more of a treat for the audience if Hera was able to put up more of a fight especially during the games when he got lamed. I feel like the first game was the fairest. 2nd and 3rd Hera got lamed and 4th game Hera was desperate for being 3-0 and went for a really risky strat which was going to fail against Viper. In my point of view laming ruined 3 out of 4 games. And you could argue that the 1st game was sort of a warn up game for Hera. I am not disagreeing that he got completely outclassed by Viper. Viper is just on another level.

Even when their is a video avidence on his mixer chanel that shows its totaly possible ??
I agree that stopping a boar lame is very hard right now but its just wrong (even if hera/viper or who ever says it) to say its impossible thats my point. I realy much hope that devs will make it more practical to stopp a lame like it was on voobly, but its not a help to exaggerate^^

I can understand your point but even if he didnt got lamed i think the results would have been the same.


This gives me a thought.

I want to see a player lame a deer someday. Push it all the way from his opponents base to his own. Hard mode laming.

agree that boars should be unlureable with scouts

I have done this on Arena several times, during the researching of ages :smiley:

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