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:face_with_monocle: someone found a slope to slip on. poignant.

damn, tryharding in a competitive game with money on the line. who does this guy think he is, Mike Tyson? laming people’s ears off mid-match?

pretty much the nail = head here. If you want a game where everything’s the same, go play Starcraft. I’m certain you’ll find a totally booming playerbase filled with people who enjoy playing the exact same map layouts every time and totally won’t invent ways to cheese them. Sarcasm received? good. people balancing to make everything equal in this way are unknowingly trying to make AOE 2 boring and forgettable. takes good soldiers like those already in the thread to beat back the tide of boring.

keep fighting the good fight.


Boars. Not finding sheep is just bad scouting plus bad map gens. Cannot control that as much

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This is what should be done for ranked gameplay. Its a very simple solution at least if they will not remove laming.

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Its made me giv

It has made me take a break from ranked 1v1. Past week had several games vs lamers. Why. So dumb. Learn how to play first not just lame to victory.

we have this thread every week


Yesterday was doing some 2v2s with big bro and some dude tried to steal my boar with his eagle and I was trying to stop him with my scout. Managed right outside his base to stop his scout and get it killed by boar.

But I lost a vill to another boar and had some idle time on TC due to being busy. Should have played better

Was pretty funny early game and it just shows how laming can make games so much better and skillful.

Tired of losing games to lamers.

Uff, if youre that worried about it, just get your boars early. with some super fast garrison micro you can even keep them under TC without killing them.

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Play bigger maps… could be slightly helpful solution.

Also, might be cool if devs populated maps with a few more mean animals (e.g., wolves) to make it harder for villagers to trek across the landscape to lame.

Maybe devs could make new wildlife that is quite fast and feisty against scouts; to make the scouting job and laming trek slightly more risky.

Perhaps civs should be able to plant a few rudimentary traps per game in the Dark Age that the enemy would have a fairly tough time seeing unless they’re quite observant. Or, possibly, completely invisible to the enemy (a case could be made here).

  • Boulder-related traps, Burmese tiger pits, and the like. Defensively, you’re spending time building them with a villager(s) – taking time away from your econ - but with the hope that an enemy scout or other units will stumble into one of them. Thus, laming thwarted and enemy unit(s) lost.
  • It’s a big game, with big map… so, strategically placing the traps would be good, and/or devs could make each trap be a decent size (like 4 grid units x 1 grid unit, or 3 x 3, or something)
  • Enemy could very well lose five units at once in a tiger pit, for example – if the units are tightly marching.
  • The traps could last the entire game if never tripped.

I just made a new topic about traps → [SUGGESTION] Traps
And a new topic about new wildlife → [SUGGESTION] New ‘mean’ wildlife (watch out scouts!)


I remember before I started playing competitively I thought that rushing (attacking before like 25 minutes) was quite bm. Then I learned how to rush. I then had a similar experience just like that also with laming.

I can agree that foundation scanning was an exploit but to say that sending your scout to find and then lure the enemy’s boar at its peril is an exploit I frankly find quite silly. There is quite a bit of dedication and risk involved where there was absolutely none with foundation scanning.


it’s just as likely that you go forward with your scout and get no lame in, then you are behind bc you didn’t scout your base and get all your sheep, or bc you couldn’t push deer in the meantime. Then there is worst case, you lose your scout or hp and can’t get a lame in, that’s a big set back. In addition laming a boar takes a lot of your attention from your build and you damage yourself in that way. i lame a lot, and often successfull sometimes not and it often messes with my dark age too, and I still lose 46% of my Games. But no game is lost bc u were lamed, for Mongols for example it’s pretty important to be able to lame bc ur castle age is weak.

This goes both ways. If you can’t win a game down a boar, you may need to learn how to play. Also, there is no lame to victory. If you are good, and someone lames you and wins, it is also because they are good. A good player will not lose to a bad player just because of one boar.

until you’re on the receiving end of the outliers… thats what this all boils down to…

on average the maps are balanced… on average you can find your sheep. on average you have a back and a front boar. on average your deer are accessible

BUT its mofo annoying when you hit the outliers… the game should have rng res distribution to make it exciting on each new map. but theres a balance between rng and fairness… using rng to justify anything aand everything also isnt the right way to do it…

leeeel actually most people dont know how monks work, as an example we even have people asking for a conversion bar to know when i unit will be converted

and tons of people (myself, pros etc) have asked for the conversion rng garbage to be rectified since it can also be so stupidly swingy.

which is still controlled to some extent, we always always always have a chance for a back gold dont we? didnt the devs specifically add a caveat that at least one pile would be back gold? in the same way deer/sheep/boar should NEVER spawn closer to the enemy than it does to your own base… but it does, due to lazy coding

they can add limitations, sheep should never spawn directly on a map edge, it should never be greater than x distance from player, and never close to opponent than player. just adding those factors while leaving the rest of the randomness will still force players to scout properly but not be as punishing

but so many people just want to win, i mean look at the persian douche. at least an incan trush needs a little skill, douche is counterable,but still works for tryhards

you mean like foundation scanning??? oh wait they removed it… obviously not EVERY MOFO thing needs to stay the way “it always used to be”

definitely, but the issue is that it is too rng dependent, 1 guy can have 2 back boar, and the other guy 2 forward boar, so by sheer rng he has a higher chance of being lamed, and then laming is so swingy…

if it was either not as swingy (like there were 4 boar and each one had half the food)

or if both players were just as susceptible to being lamed

instead it feels like you’re being even more punished by rng, instead of punished for bad play

but a 1400 elo can lose to a 1300 elo, down 1 boar, its still a 600 food swing. htf are you guys ignoring this? if pros have issues with being lamed, htf are we supposed to not have issues?

“yOu aLl mUsT gIt GoOd”


Good idea. We should also ban tower rushes, I’m sick of losing games just because someone built towers by my resources. And attacking in feudal age, that’s so frustrating! I keep losing games because the other player makes military and kills my villagers while I’m in feudal! It shouldn’t be possible to damage my units until I reach castle age.

See how dumb that sounds?

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Seems fine. Leave it in the game. Spawn behind the TC. Game on.

Even better. Start every game with post-feudal start. So everyone can build knights from the start to defend and attack. Tower rush can be punished using siege and villagers rushing towers can be denied much more easily because of xbow and knights and so on.

Wonder how dumb this would sound 11.

laming highly depends on the map in question, outside of Socotra and Coastal Forest I don’t remember many pure lame maps.
But even on Socotra you sacrifice vill gathering time to ‘potentially’ walling in a few resources.
The strongest one would be to steal the boar, but that depends where it is.

On Arabia laming does not really pay off, at least not walling in resources as the map is far bigger and it takes much longer to reach the opponent, aside from maybe laming a boar, which can be caught up by luring in deer or milling them it still means the enemy scout has either lost HP or they send a vill forward to kill it which is even more wasted vill gathering.

They will have a worse eco, it really just comes down to adapting and learning from it. There’s nothing inherently unbalanced about it.

A way to practice is would ‘safely’ be versus the AI and you simply don’t take your ‘berries’ ‘assume one boar was lamed’ ‘pretend your stone is walled in’ etc.

It’s not like there aren’t ways to prepare for this.

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Alternative solution to map scripting, which let’s face it will always have some issues, increase bonus damage of boars to scouts, so that they die in three hits. This will make boar laming higher risk, with more counter play, as it makes it easier to kill the laming scout with your own one.

Hate to be the one to say it, but I don’t think this is a valid reason to remove “laming” from the game.

With that logic, I could be tired of losing to a ScRush - guess we should remove scouts from the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that being said, I do understand the frustration of being lamed, it is so annoying; but that is part of the open (being close to your opponent) map game play (this is a game of war, why wouldn’t you try to steal/impair your opponent’s resources :smiling_imp:). I think an excellent example of this is the most recent Masters of Socotra, Grand Final . If you listen to the Viper’s interview at the end - he recognized that on these styles of open maps, you have to stay aggressive in order to win, and that starts with laming.

If you don’t want to play with people laming you (and that is understandable), may I suggest you play closed maps (such as arena or black forest) where it is much more difficult to lame. Additionally, you can always play against the AI which does not lame resources if that’s more your cup of tea :slight_smile:

P.S. If you haven’t watched the last match in that Master of Socotra Grand Final - it’s awesome and definitely worth the watch!

I think it is sometimes encouraged by civ bonuses to lame. For example Goth villagers get extra attack against boars. I am sure many of you have also sent forward a vil, quickwalled it in, and sniped the enemy boars just for the lulz :slight_smile:

Similar story with extra LOS on Mongol Scout… if you don’t go and steal a boar, then you just wasted one of your civ bonuses

That is specially true with vietnamese and celt bonuses

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