[SUGGESTION] New 'mean' wildlife (watch out scouts!)

I’d like to see new wildlife added to maps that is quite fast and feisty against scouts. Not as fast as scouts, of course, but fast enough to nip them 2 or 3 times with decent damage inflicted as they go by. Maybe they have a burst of speed that’s as fast as scouts, but then get tired so the scout can lose them. Don’t need too many of these animals, but enough to make scouting more interesting.

Too many run-ins against these new mean animals (3 of 4?) and scout dies.

It’d make the scouting job and laming trek slightly more risky. Would also require a tiny bit of micro-ing.

As it stands, scouts have pretty free reign over the map for quite a while. I’m not opposed to nerfing that a bit, so it makes exploring the map a bit more challenging.



Really fun idea, best to limit it to certain maps at first.


I’m not sure this would make the game more interesting overall. The starting scout is your window to the world, it grants you a tiny bit of vision on the map. You can lose it to a TC, but at least that means that you found their TC. It’s also something your opponent has to manually make happen. It’s a small victory for them. Losing your scout to a random animal in the wilderness? Having to make the tactical choice to keep princess scout safe under your TC so nothing will happen to it? Does not sound like a great improvement to me. Maybe on one or two special tournament maps just to shake things up?


I just don’t like that your one scout pretty much lives forever, or long enough that you never need to worry about it. I think we should have to build another scout or two to achieve decent map exploration.

It’s way too easy (no risks anywhere) to explore the map currently. In Dark Age, I think it should be riskier to explore. I’m sure it wasn’t a walk in the park to explore in medieval times anyways.

If Scout dies, Town Center should be able to make a new “Scout” in Dark Age. Your choice if you want to do so, which carries its own pros/cons.

@PacificWheel208 - I don’t know what a bald head and red/black shirt dude has to do with this discussion, but don’t post if you have nothing intelligent or constructive to say

This suggestion doesn’t solve any problems and seems like content for the sake of content, which we should avoid when it comes to gameplay changes.

A player losing their scout is a significant disadvantage in the early game and letting this happen due to RNG is a bad design choice.


At mid-high level, it is already risky to explore the map, as you can lose your scout to the enemy TC. Adding more micro management to scouting is not welcome, especially based on randomness, a good scout already has plenty of things to do in dark age, such as luring deers or helping a drush, and losing yours puts you at a big disadvantage. Adding more wild animals would also make forward vils suicidal, slowing down the feudal game - remember devs reduced the number of wolves drastically a couple months ago.

All of this makes your suggestion very staggering for most people who plays ranked, and I think is what @PacificWheel208 tried to communicate


The enemy scout and TC already are mean enough predators, no thanks. Also I know you think the game isn’t defensive enough, but PLEASE, at least let my drush reach the enemy without being mauled down 11


He did have something constructive to say. It was “this idea is so terrible that I need Captain Picard to express my emotions for me” or something to that effect.

Anyway this might be a fun thing to have on custom maps, but not in ranked games, or tournaments. As others have already stated this would add too much RNG, and would be a direct nerf to drushing.

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I thought of maybe some gaia unit in the key presence of a map kinda like in battle royale.

Take gold rush for example. We can put like ten gaia longswordsman in the middle. Whoever wants to take the gold and the map control have to beat them first.

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Sounds nice, as long as the idea doesn’t look, behave, or feel like those silly treasure guardians in AoE3 :slight_smile: I envision units more spread out for your idea, and less gamey behavior