Lan crashes all the times *solved*

Hi, my girlfriend and I have been playing multiplayer matches of this game since 2005 (yes a lot of versions, included remastered ones). We use to play random map in team against 4 or 6 AI enemies in conquest mode until we defeat them.

Lately almost 99% of games crash with the generic lan error “you were dropped from the game for a synch error”

It would be great to implement some sort of saving function or at least more stability, older versions were more stable

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OK, I’ve managed a solution,

I figured out that crashes are due to windows 10 LAN issues, so to keep alive the connection I open 2 cmd windows and launch a couple of pings, one to the router and one to my other PC and I do in both PCs for all the game duration.

so guess what, it never crashed again…

for noobs you have to:

type: ping -t (or your router IP if different)


type: ping -t (or your other client IP)

if you don’t know you IP address type


That’s All let me know if it worked for you


Great way to solve your problem!

I’m wondering now if IEEE802.3az (network/nic power saving) protocol has something to do with this. Something you will not find on older equipment and hardware and kicks in at times of low traffic.

Did you also check for router firmware updates to solve your problem?

And do you play using wireless or cabled network connections?

If you have 3 PC you need a cmd window with ping for each one of them ? (2 ping windows for PC #2 and #3 + router)

For each player it would be (n -1) + 1 command prompt windows.
n = total number of players, -1 one because no need to ping yourself
+1 for the router

I think pinging the router all together is enough already in this case.

I’ll test it ‘next time’ see if it improves my own LAN problem from the other topic.

I use cabled lan, I have a fritzbox 4040 always updated, but this issues manifested since 2005, different networks and PCS, so I think it’s a OS/game related problem

I’ve also made some batches to not write down commands all the times, but its not the same.

I also think that you should ping other players too because windows mess up with other clients sometimes

Couple of days ago, played my first LAN game with two other in-house computers, no sync error. Thought the server maintenance might’ve fixed it.

Played a round last night, sync error. Applied the cmd ping trick for round two and no error. Hopefully this will put an end to the sync error! :smiley: Thanks for the fix, Diobuono2, it’s literally the only solution I’ve found for this problem across many different forums.