LAN disabled?

I’m trying to play LAN with some friends but the option is disabled. I have the latest build on Steam. Any ideas? Firewall doesn’t block the game, Xbox services are fine, we’re all connected.

Same problem. But no solution.

If you try to play using a router (or just a switch with manual IP config) without internet connection available to the clients the option LAN will be disabled.

I’m using the MS store version and this behavior is known and expected behavior.
LAN games are just not supported in offline mode, only SP and custom games against AI.

@PCS70: thanks for replying.
But no manual IP config and internet connexion available (DHCP on IPv4) IPV4 and IPV6.
Store version.

Thanks for the update. I have seen more reports about this issue passing by on the forum the last days. So I hope it got their attention already. It’s an very important part of this game and got to work flawless.