Lan play error

  • Build: (Current build)
  • Platform: (Steam)

Hey there,

I have been trying to play a lan game in the house using WIFI ( havnt tried cable yet but shouldnt matter on the same network)

Can create games fine, but the other person cannot see the game. I can invite from within the game the person goes to join then gets the error cannot join.

I have opened the ports on the router as well as allowed the permissions through the fire wall on mine and the other person computer( I pointed the ports to host computer as the router doesnt have direct open port for UDP and TCP without pointing to an IP ( have not tried pointing the same ports to the other pc as well but cannot create two of the same ports), have also tried just running the exe as admin and no luck. can create games fine in the aus servers in the select area just not over lan.

I have seen similar posts but no direct fix unless over a VPN