LAN play unavailable

Game Version: AOE DE Store

  • Build ((28529))


Cannot play on LAN

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Choose LAN
  2. Create a saloon
  3. Ask second player to join; no saloon found.
  4. Close saloon
  5. Ask second player to create one
  6. try to join: no saloon available

I played with pre-multiplatform without any problem, with same player on same LAN.



Internet connexion available when tested.

Still not working. Any one with same problem?

Had also the case due to firewall reasons.

Try to disable things in Windows advanced firewall settings, like ‘inbound rules’. (allow all inbound entries)

Of course, put them back how they were after the game.

Thanks Danicela,
Do you know protocols and executable to allow?

I spent about three hours tonight trying to get a lan game going. First it was grayed out, then there were never any games in the lobby. About ready to go back to the old version. This is nuts.

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I have been trying to play with my father over the multiplayer servers and we can’t find eachothers games , can find eachother on Xbox live but can’t seem to join or find each other’s games even though we can both join other people’s games online , we both have the same version , and when we go onto a lan network we can find each other’s games but when we click on it , it says “unable to join game”### Game Version:

  • Build ((####))


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Reproduction Steps:

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Can you provide more detail about what you’re seeing? Screenshots are always helpful!

We both can’t find each other’s games online , I can see different games to what he can see and when I create a game it makes it in the North Korea server. When I try to join his game through xbox companion it says I need to download an application and it takes me to the age of empires page on the store , then when we try it on lan we can see eachothers games but when we try to join it says “unable to connect “

Are you both on the same game version?

Yeah mate I have uninstalled and reinstalled it on both

What happens if you select a different server for your lobby? Also, when you create a server, is your friend searching in the region you created?

It doesn’t matter what region I select it puts me in a random one anyways and yeah he is

Can you tell us the build number of both installs?

I thought the build number was the same as the version?

It is. Can you tell me the number from both copies?

There both the most up to date one

Can you share the build number with me please?

The build number is 28529 on both versions

Are you both on the same local network and behind the same router?