LAN play unavailable

Game Version: AOE DE Store

  • Build ((28529))


Cannot play on LAN

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Choose LAN
  2. Create a saloon
  3. Ask second player to join; no saloon found.
  4. Close saloon
  5. Ask second player to create one
  6. try to join: no saloon available

I played with pre-multiplatform without any problem, with same player on same LAN.


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Internet connexion available when tested.

Still not working. Any one with same problem?

Had also the case due to firewall reasons.

Try to disable things in Windows advanced firewall settings, like ‘inbound rules’. (allow all inbound entries)

Of course, put them back how they were after the game.

Thanks Danicela,
Do you know protocols and executable to allow?