LAN unplayable

Hi guys,

Never posted here before but the latest update is shocking. I know you’re looking to introduce ranked matches but issues found so far while trying to play LAN:

  • Appears to be a graphical issue when selecting team, I click through to be on a team, then click ready, but it appears as a ? indicating random team, but on another machine on the local network it shows the appropriate team number
  • The whole system of selecting teams appears to be shot/not working, including for AI/computer
  • For the first time ever we were dropped from a game in a LAN session, which is laughable (apparently this was caused by a “Sync error”)
  • All of my settings I previously had for LAN, which we’ve played with many dozens of times were all reset back to default
  • In some places the AI was behaving differently as well, for example placing several buildings in a row a villager ran between the two buildings without actually starting construction over a dozen times before I moved him to a location then back to building again

I know this is an old game and therefore probably doesn’t go through as much QA as another, newer title would, but then why update it at all if it’s going to cause this many issues?

the same happens to me when connecting it to both LAN and Online game, have you been able to solve it?