Land military units absorb 33% of all incoming bonus damage

Sicilians. Land military units absorb 33% of all incoming bonus damage.

So basically all their units are more tanky? So maybe make their attacks weak? Missing blast furnace and bracer perhaps? Or perhaps even more insane, missing Iron Casting.

They would be very tanky if they get full armour upgrades.

Make them like Tanks from a MMORPG? Able to take a beating, but do very little damage in return. Relies on healers to keep them in the fight. In AOE’s case, monks. A tank slowly beats you to death, while taking lots of damage and simply outlasting you due to their tanky stats.

Not really, since it only applies to bonus damage… So cav migth not be that vulnerable vs halbs, but still far from cost efficient (even the knigths with 50% return on death), Arbs migth be able to trade better vs skirs, but I guess: still not cost efficient etc.
There is no effect in a knigths + arbs vs knigths + arbs battle…

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sicilians not burgundians.


Fixed. My bad.

So, any thoughts?

Here you have the answer, considering no bloodlines


I feel like part of what makes AOE2 AOE2 is the weird design constraint of the way bonus damage and bonus damage resistance works. It’s why the cataphract has cavalry armour rather than 50% bonus damage resistance.

This sounds like it messes with that paradigm, which I don’t like.

That said, percentage based bonus damage resistance sounds more elegant than the current system.

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that seems totaly broken OP at a glance if assuming FU units generally.
could be balanced witouht blood lines an last archer armor upgrade.

i have a feeling that Sicilians units won’t be as good because of this bonus. like they might just have knights and thats it for cavalry.
they would play more like a goths civ going for numbers

Honestly, both of the new civs seem like they will have Turk tier Trash or worse, which would easily justify all their “get more Gold” mechanics.

i expect those to be nerfed. like the sicilian one would become 15 gold for every gold military unit, which is at least reasonable, and the burgundian one will be hit hard down to like 20-30%.

we know nearly nothing about these civ. You can’t judge a civ based on civ bonus only. Tech tree, UU stats & cost and UT cost are also super important.

This bonus alone is super strong on some units but since it’s a infantry civ and infantry armor class does not takes a lot of bonus damage… i don’t see the problem. and we can’t judge for archer/cavalry line without knowing if they get bloodlines, thumb rings, some missing blacksmith upgrade, …


What is funny is that the Sicilian are supposed to be an infantry civ and yet this bonus doesn’t even benefit infantry before imperial age, unless you face civs with anti-infantry UUs. I suppose it will make spears slightly more resistant to arrows but it will be equivalent to the Malian’s additional pierce armour.

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It affects Spearmen and Pikemen vs Archers and Skirmishers, and ill likely translate into a decent Knight Rush in Castle, to compensate for Infantry civs often being slower.


Seriously this bonus isn’t that strong. Its not as good as Frank hp, Mayans eagle HP, even armour buffs of the Teutons is WAY stronger!
It’s only effecting bonus damage and as most games are played with archer or cav that doesn’t change a thing (ofc Persians get +2 vs archers, but 33% off is no biggy)
Yes it makes counter units weaker, but that’s mainly in 1v1s and they have no sizable eco bonus. I think it sounds great and the biggest effect would be archers vs skirms (still not cost effective), cav vs pikemen (also not cost effective, especially without bloodlines) and for mango vs mangos which is cool but not op (viets archers survive a direct hit too, which nobody is complaining about). I think they have to get full upgraded arbs and champs as well as decent siege. I can tell you now I’m gonna try this civ, looks fun!

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It is very strong for Knights, since their major counters (Pikemen and Camels) are very dependant on bonus damage to be effective, as they have very low actual damage stats.

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Definitely true. If they get bloodlines paladin that would be insanity strong. In team games most of the time pikes aren’t viable and camels get killed by arb, so would mainly be good verses indians or in a 1v1. If they don’t get bloodlines that’s mostly negated though, still slightly better vs halbs (+22 damage instead of +32), but a lot worse than standard cav. (I’m assuming no bloodlines and no elephants here). Though Lith +3 (or +4) cavalier are probably still better than - 33% cavalier even if they got bloodlines vs pikes I would imagine (though halbs would be a different story I think… Need to do the maths)

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Though they could still get wrecked my a ball of crossbows or arbs, and are even vs other cav. All im saying is that in most cases its probably not that strong, just a solid bonus, but not op. Though your point about camels being a lot less effective is definitely true. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out

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what i dont like about this bonus is how it is so unspecific. another all round good for ntohing civ like portuguese.

it buffs every unit the civ has. does any civ so far have a combat bonus for all units? maybe tartars…

i would rather have it changed to only one unit line. like cav only or archer only and then make it even stronger like 50%

Ports are good with Archers and fast teching.

We really need some testing as even with 33% less damage, that doesn’t mean their units will be able to withstand more hits before they die. Generic knights without any upgrades require 5 hits from generic pikemen (again, without any upgrades). With 33% bonus damage reduction, they will need 6, which is a 20% increase.