Land transport unit for ships

I would love to see a unit like a cart which can transport ships on land similar to the transport ship can transport land units on water.
This would help in some maps to use fishing boats etc. in different lakes/waters which are not connected with each other.
I wonder why there is no such unit :frowning:

I assume that we don’t have such a unit, because there are very few examples in history of doing that.

I would love such a unit since in several custom scenarios I have my fishing ships in a lake or the wrong side of a bridge and it would be nice to move them.

Some times I am over my population limits and I can not just delete them and build new ones.

But I doubt we will ever see such a unit.


And how will the fishing ships moved from pond x to pond y drop off the food they gather?

Just at new dock on new pond. (But j don’t support this idea )


A real life fishing boat is as big or even bigger then a cart.
So a cart could maybe transport 1 of them. Not really something you’d want to micro.

Maybe the better idea would be to allow villagers to dismantle a boat to get the wood back.


If you are going to build a dock what is the real use of this mechanic other than saving some wood?

I guess saving wood is the main thing, transporting multiple ships can save a lot of wood

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water itself needs some major changes to become a bit more mainstream. A couple of more buildings, fishing ships replaced by ships that can collect all kinds of resources, ability to construct sea walls sea towers etc, tides, more types of military units and so on. Maybe at some point we get a water DLC

That is the main thing yes but why not? You also save costs if you transport more expensive cannon/battleships in maps where not all water is connected. There are some scenarios like that I have played in the campaign.

Even if the cart thing makes “no sense” physically it would be seen as it is dismantled before.

How can 20 trebuchets fit in a transport boat?

I think it would be a nice optional feature you are not forced to use.

Also sea walls, sea gates and towers should be an optional feature which could be enabled in the lobby.

If there is a mermaid civ then this will their ship.


A event that ships are trasported on land will appear in “Fall of Constantinople(1453)” of the Mehmed 2 campaign (may be). I wait for the new DLC.