Landmark outposts in Chinese civ

The landmark outpost in Chinese civ Age2 including ungarrisoned positions once placed (by players) sometimes(?) didn’t shoot opponents.

a step-by-step description

1.Building the landmark outpost(I don’t know its general name) into Age2 or as the secondary landmark.

2.Garrisonning some units.

3.Ungarrisonning some units using unit’s next destination indicator.

4.Keeping an outpost-related position.

5.Opponents are going to the place nearby the landmark outpost.

6.That outpost doesn’t react.

Sorry please wait few days now preparing a movie in my replay

Please correct me if I am wrong or missing something, but I believe we’re seeing expected behavior here. Outposts will only attack if upgraded, or if units are garrisoned. In the video it looks like the Outpost is created, then Villagers are garrisoned—which is why the Outpost attacks. Then the Villagers are removed, but the Outpost is never upgraded—so it has no ability to attack.

Here’s the description for the HRE Outpost, which I think lays it out well.

There is an active bug where sometimes upgraded Outposts, Keeps, etc will stop firing (working on it!). But I don’t think we’re seeing that here.

Yes surely I know standard outpost towers will be idle without upgradings or garrisoned people(units).
that bug is not an issue in a red colored tower in a movie.

in that case, I think Chinese civ Age2 Landmark (probably) equipped 25 ranged without garrisoned units.
And after through complex procedures out, Age2 Landmark keeps silence.

but I didn’t know “there is an active bug where sometimes upgraded Outposts, Keeps, etc will stop firing”
I think one of those, sorry.

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Gotcha; I was overly focused on the Outpost. That Landmark is the Barbican of the Sun, I believe. That one should be included with the previously mentioned bug, but we’ll check into it. Appreciate the report!