Landmark victory BIG issue

While the change to not make a player lose when losing his landmark in team games in maybe ok in PVP, its a killer blow to the PVE audience, AI will never giveup and ur average game time say in 4vs4 and 3vs3 will be hours and hours of grind if the human players are not really skilled, since AI will rebuild his land mark by the time ur attacking the 2nd AI, rinse and repeat for hours. i got 2 of my friends trying the game since its for free now, and they are AI lovers. they were complaining about the game design after the first match literately since it took us 2 hours to defeat 3vs3 AI game. if i wasnt playing and got the 3 sacred sites we would never have won xD so lets make a poll here and see what people think about reverting the change to team games landmark victory.

remember devs, good chunk of RTS player base like AI games and campaign/coop. this might be a big mistake in that regard.

Landmark victory in team games should effect each player instead of all landmarks to win.
  • I want to see the individual landmark victory applies to teamgames. (the old way)
  • I like the current one and would like to keep it as it is.

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The individual player one was awful.
Player sniping was really annoying especially with civilisations like the Abbasides that only have 2 Landmarks.
Being able snipe AI players also doesn’t feel very rewarding in my experience.

I think the AI should just surrender at some point and leave you the choice if you want to accept the surrender of finish them off.

And yes Sacred Sites exist for a reason. It’s not wrong to use them to get the victory.


if they snipe ur landmark in PVP it means the team is not playing with coordination.
so yes i know it might have helped in PVP but it killed AI games for everyone who is not say Plat level.
AI games tend to be chill/not as comp, the players tend to have lower skills and forcing them to sacred site on every match is kinda silly. so yes i like ur idea of making the AI give up at one point or making it apply only in PVP matches, while reverting AI skirmishes to the old way.

its not like the Abbasid player will stay in the game now if he loses his 2 landmarks and whole eco behind it while his army is forward. i feel the real usage for the new rules effect PVP in really few and rare occasion where losing ur base will not put u out of the game somehow.

Just drop a couple of tower with springalds or Canon emplacement near destroyed landmark and GG to AI


Have you ever played another AoE game?
There is no Landmark victory, you have to destroy ever building and kill every villager. Luckily the AI surrenders before that.

The AoE4 AI never surrenders, that’s the issue. It should offer Surrender.
The AI is generally bad though. Not as in weak bad but as in not fun bad.
Even Easy AI rushes you just they rush in while they are still in Dark Age. Absolutely stupid.


well spoken! i agree

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i played all AOE, and i agree in other games they gives up at one point. in AOE 4 its a problem. either make them surrender or change victory condition.

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AoE3 has the best solution. The AI surrenders but you can chose if you accept it or not.
This allows you to finish the AI off if you want to.

The AI is one of the major issues in the game that is being ignored.
I guess it’s because the loudest parts of the community are those wo usually play PvP. The big majority of casual players aren’t devoted enough to voice their complaints.
The Easy and Medium AIs shouldn’t rush you but then be stuck in Feudal or Castle Age for hours.
Nearly every casual player can reach Imperial reliably in less then an hour. Very anticlimactic to fight a Feudal Age AI.
No idea what they though when the designed the AI. Do all AIs attack with the same frequency but the easier ones are just slower at building an economy and aging up?


In my opinion they must implementate an hybrid.

Landmark snipe sucks, we all know, but usually landmark snipe is just that, a snipe, that doesn’t break your eco or doesn’t kill your military.

So, IMO there must be a timer after getting all your landmarks down.

Imagine you are in imperial age and someone makes 80 scouts to burn your landmarks, and he succeed, but you have a margin of, say, 5 minutes to repair at least 1 landmark.

This should totally avoid the landmark snipe, while doesn’t eliminate the option to win by landmark destroy, and should repair the actual AI state.

Also, I think it will improve the actual team games because if a player got seriously injured and his base is totally wrecked, you as a team have to work together to retake this player base, or he will get eliminated.

Actually, I don’t see players working together because right now if your ally is wrecked in feudal it doesn’t matter because you are in imperial and can defend while your ally just puts a TC behind you and continues playing.

For me, it makes nonsense that someone can have his entire base burned down and if no villagers are lost, there are no consequences.


yes is true, i’dont play vs IA, but yes

seems like an acceptable idea.

You must raid the AI and do tower rush and you win easily

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if u force ai matches into one way it will be bad for the game, i know how to win vs ai its just that lower skilled/new player will not have fun as i mentioned in my post.

5 min is so much, 2 min and stop the time when is repairing.

The less the time the more it will be as before. A middle point must be found, and I don’t know if 2 minutes is too low or 5 too much.

I find maybe 2 too low, but yes, maybe 2 and when you are repairing the timer is stopped would fit.

3 mins seems a good number to start with. the issue with this method that i feel teammates will exploit it to repair their teammates landmark and then force him back into the game even if he have like 15 vills left.

It’s not an issue because you can surrender in any moment.

Also, it’s not that easy to retake a base lost if you made 0 effort to defend before lost the base, because enemy army would be superior and they will probably put towers/castles to defend the base and get the player eliminated.

But IMO it adds another layer to the game.

I like the idea of a bleedout timer in team games.

Once you’ve got a player down, they should have 2 min to rebuild. If people dont like this, it could be a toggle setting on victory conditions.

I like to play vs AI because i can pause it and take care of my family if needed. But 1 extreme is too easy. Going vs 3 is about right but the only way to win becomes sacred/wonder along with unfulfilling defensive tactics. I want a challenging offensive game mode. So i need one of the following:
Better AI
Landmark elimination (can be on timer)
or larger pop cap for me only

well the main issue here is with AI games, they will never surrender. its not as big of an issue in PVP aka multiplayer games.

I hope they introduce 2vs2vs2vs2
and free for all for quick multiplayer matches