"Landmark Victory condition in Team Games" - With Players vs AI it's a mess!

When you play 2 players vs 4-6 AI-players. It become much more annoying to take AI-players out, because they will never completely die out. You destroy one AI-players base and move on to the next one, but when you leave it, the AI-player will have re-built it’s whole base!

It become very annoying and longer games because you need to leave protection at every landmark you find becuase they will rebuild it if you just leave it.

This was much more fun before you did this change!

Maybe if it’s so requested change for PvP, maybe keep the old style as a option when you create your game? Because if you play against many AI-players, you want to be able to easier knock the AI-player out and not need to base-camp every AI-base until you will win.

Thanks @SkitZos! I’ll make sure your feedback makes it to the team.