Landmarks changes ideas

The main idea behind this topic is to make all landmarks viable at all ages so you actually have to make a strategic choice.

Please keep in mind that it’s just ideas. Some may be good, other may be terrible.

Abbasid Dynasty:

-Trade wing no longer makes you age up. Instead, it costs 200 food 100 gold and it’s built in 30s (instead of 120s)

-House of wisdom upgrade time decreased to 90s (was 120s)

-Faith (Culture wing): No longer allow Imams to convert a single unit without a relic, instead, Imams will heal nearby friendly units for 2HP/s. Same radius as medical center. It stacks with Medical center and it also works if you garrison an Imam in a keep (4hp/s). However, faith doesn’t stack with several Imams.

Note: This is a buff needed for abbasid (considering the other changes) as they are the hardest to change in regard of their landmark without killing the civ or making it broken.


-Cost of the second landmark of a dynasty halved.

-Imperial Palace (Age III): Now reveal the whole map for 6 seconds. Same cooldown as before.

Note : Chinese Landmark are all great so they don’t really need changes. This buff will help China especially in the earlier stage of the game when they are the most vulnerable.

Dehli Sultanate:

-Dome of the faith (Age II): Scholars are now produced at -50% cost (instead of -40%. So it now works the same as before the nerf of Season Two Update 17718.

-Tower of Victory (Age II): Removed. New Landmark : Sacred temple. The landmark can only be built on a sacred site. It acts as an outpost just like the Kremlin or the Barbican of the sun. It protects the sacred site so the opponent has to destroy the landmark in order to contest it. It has 5000 HP. It comes with one arrowslit and can be upgraded with springald and canon emplacement. You can garrison 10 units inside.

Sanctity can also be researched for free on this landmark and it only takes 100 seconds (but it can’t be sped up).

When you get Sanctity, or when you reach Age III, the landmark will capture the sacred site without the need of a scholar. This sacred site will now generate 300 gold / min (instead of 150).

However, other sacred sites no longer give +50% gold / min to Dehli with Sanctity. They become normal sacred sites generating 100 gold / min.

If the landmark is destroyed, then all sacred sites will be back to the +50% gold bonus of sanctity until it is fully repaired.

If the landmark is destroyed while Sanctity is researched, you can resume the research at a Mosque at the standard research speed.

Note : If you still want to produce 2 Scholars / min, then the landmark has the same effect on economy than the DotF with one sacred site in possession of the Dehli Sultanate. However, I think this will add a lot of variety in the Dehli strategies in the early game.

-House of Learning (Age III): Now also speed up the research speed of all dehli’s technologies just like if you have 6 scholars garrisoned.

Note: Compound of the Defender is so good and even if the House of learning isn’t bad, I think it’s a great buff that will help as much as Compound of the defender especially if the game goes to late game. With this, going Imperial Age won’t be as scary as it is right now.

-Palace of the Sultan (Age IV): No longer need to garrison scholars to produce elephants at full speed. You can also choose between Tower Elephant and War Elephant.

-Hisar Academy (Age IV): You can now choose which resource is produced; you are no longer stuck to food.

Note: Dehli’s Imperial landmark are the worse, making Imperial even less appealing to a civ that already struggle a lot in late game. With these changes, Imperial Age will be more attractive and it will help the Dehli Sultanate in late game.


-Chamber of commerce (Age II): Removed. Added a new landmark: Royal Dock

The Royal Dock is a special dock which can train naval units 20% faster. It also causes all the other docks to train naval units 20% faster.

All naval technologies are 30% cheaper and are researched 30% faster in the Royal dock (stacks with the 30% discount of economic upgrade for French so Drift Nets and Extended lines are 60% cheaper).

The Royal dock can also garrison up to 6 ships.

Note: Chamber of commerce was useless. I think it’s a good idea to add a naval landmark. It’s a very situational landmark but at least it will be used. Even if it gives French an advantage on water, I don’t think it’s OP especially when the water rework will be released.

-Guild Hall (Age III): Resources generation rate increase every 2 ticks instead of 3, allowing the Guild Hall to reach the 600 resources / min cap 33% faster (6 min instead of 9 if I’m not mistaken)

Note: While the guild hall has been the go to for a long time, now the Royal Institute seems better since French players prefer to end the game before Imperial Age. This buff should help the French in late game; making the Guild hall more versatile.

-Red Palace (Age IV): Now also causes all the other keeps to have their arrowslit emplacement replaced by 2 arbalests just like the red palace. Boiling oil can be researched for free. Enlistment Incentives is 50% cheaper.

The Red Palace comes with a free springald and canon emplacement.

Note : All keep-like landmarks have been reworked in a similar way to make them more appealing.

-College of Artillery (Age IV): Now causes all Siege workshops to be able to train Royal version of siege units, including the Royal Culverin.

Note: Needed buff for French in late game as they will now have to make a choice between 2 viable options, both can be defensive or offensive and will depend on your playstyle.


-Council Hall (Age II): Now acts as an archery range with the same bonus as before. It can produce all archery range units 100% faster.

-Abbey of Kings (age II): Can now produce Man at arms. Furthermore, it also causes outposts and keeps to have the same healing effect as the abbey of kings. But unlike the abbey of kings, the healing effect of outposts and keeps only triggers when a unit is out of combat for 10 seconds or more.

Note: This should help English regaining map control especially in castle age, either by making an easier switch to crossbows, or with the new healing effect on outposts / keeps provided by the abbey of king.

-The White Tower (Age III): Boiling oil can be researched for free. Network of Citadel is 50% cheaper. Also comes with a free Springald emplacement. When reaching Age IV, the white tower instantly get a canon emplacement for free.

-Berkshire Palace (Age IV): Boiling oil can be researched for free. Network of Citadel is 50% cheaper. Also comes with a Springald and canon emplacement.

The Berkshire palace also produces one Ribauldequin or Bombard for free every 150 seconds. (With this, you save 400 resources / min. With the Wynguard Palace, producing the Wynguard army, you save 704 resources / min)

Holy Roman Empire

-Burgrave Palace (Age III): Is now an Age II landmark

Note: This will give HRE an option to be very strong in feudal and castle instead of rushing Imperial. So HRE now has to make a strategic decision early in the game

-Meinwerk Palace (now Age III): Now also causes all technologies to be researched 50% faster and 30% cheaper. (It was 40%/40% but only on the meinwerk and for blacksmith upgrades only)

-Elzbach Palace (Age IV): Boiling oil can be researched for free. Reinforced Defenses and Slate and Stone Construction are 50% cheaper (Does stack with the meinwerk palace discount). Also comes with a free Springald and canon emplacement.

Emergency Repairs can be used on the Elzbach palace even if it’s not under the influence of a TC and it has its own cooldown, not shared with TC’s emergency repairs.


Note : The purpose of Mongol changes is to allow them to keep their current playstyle, while also allowing the trade boom strategy to be more efficient. I wanted to give them the opportunity to have a more macro oriented playstyle so they won’t rely as much on making damage very early in the game. I also added something new to help them defend themselves against harassment.

-The Silver Tree (Age II): Now also unlocks the Yam Network Technology upon completion. It also can be placed as a Dock to produce Trade Ship 50% faster and 50% cheaper

-Khaganate Palace (Age II): The Khaganate Palace is now an Age II landmark. It acts as a special Town Center. It trains Villagers 30% slower but 30% cheaper than a normal TC (26 seconds / 35 food per villager). It can also be placed as a dock to train Fishing Boat ~30% slower and ~30%% cheaper (50 wood / 33 seconds per Fishing Boat)

-New Mongol Technology: Caltrop Field

Create a 2x2 tiles area (like a farm) trapped with Caltrops which slows down enemy units by 50%. Cost 10 wood 2 stone per field. Each caltrop Field has 600hp.

It can be researched at the blacksmith in Imperial Age.

-Kurultai (Age III): It now unlocks Caltrop Field upon completion making it available in Castle Age. It also has a unique Imperial Age Technology: Explosive Caltrop Field (it does exist in mongol empire history btw). When enemy units cross a Caltrop Field, an explosive caltrop explodes after 1,5s, dealing 20 damage in the 2x2 tiles area of the field, and giving them a 30% slower movement speed debuff that lasts for 45 seconds. It does stack with the 50% slowing effect of the caltrop field. Several explosions won’t stack the debuff but will reset the cooldown of the debuff. However, when the explosion triggers, the caltrop field is damaged for 80% of its hp.

The Kurultai now heals nearby unit if they are out of combat for 10 seconds or more at a rate of 6hp/s

The Kurultai no longer provides a 25% damage bonus for 30 seconds.

-Deer Stone (Age IV): The Deer Stone was moved to Age IV. It replaces the white stupa. It acts as an Ovoo and produces 240 stone per minute without a stone outcropping.

-The White Stupa (Age IV): It has been replaced by the Deer Stone. The White Stupa now causes all military production buildings to be able to double train units without an extra stone cost. Instead, double training units will cost the price of the 2 units.

The White Stupa also has a unique Technology that can be researched on the landmark. It makes all double training cost 15% cheaper.

Example: Double Training Lancers with the White Stupa cost 280 food 200 gold. With the upgrade it will cost 238 food 170 gold.


-Kremlin (Age II): Removed. It has been replaced with the High Trade House from Age III.

The high Trade House passive gold income now works differently. The amount of gold you receive still works with trees but a maximum of 6 trees are needed to get the maximum passive gold income.

At bounty level 0, each tree generates 10 gold / min (to a maximum of 60 gold / min with 6 trees).
At bounty level 1, each tree generates 20 gold / min (max 120 gold / min)
At bounty level 2, each tree generates 30 gold / min (max 180 gold / min)
At bounty level 3, each tree generates 50 gold / min (max 300 gold / min)

(The passive gold income from high trade house + hunting cabin remains capped to 500 gold / min).

The high trade house now produces one deer every 30s instead of every 1 min.

Note: This will make the high trade house a very strong economic landmark able to compete with the golden gate.

-Spasskaya Tower (Age III): It’s now an Age III landmark instead of Age IV. It still has 8000 HP instead of 5000. Boiling oil can be researched for free. Also comes with a free Springald emplacement. When reaching Age IV, the spasskaya tower instantly get a canon emplacement for free.

No longer unlock stone walls for Rus. Instead, fortified palisade wall, fortified palisade gate and wooden fortress gain +5 fire armor.

-Kremlin (Age IV): The Kremlin is now an Age IV landmark. It now acts as a University. All university upgrades can be researched in the Kremlin in 30 seconds instead of 90 seconds and they are also 50% cheaper (150 food / 350 gold each instead of 300 food / 700 gold).

Please tell me if you think some of these ideas are good or not, why etc.

I think that in your proposal there are plenty of Reworks when the game is in a state of balance better than ever.

Some landmarks can be reworked, but the vast majority of what you have put in would not.

Landmarks and unique units that need balance (buffs or nerfs) are counted on the fingers of both hands.

I am collecting feedback, technically thinking about what can be improved and I will comment on it soon.


Rus without walls, it’s disgusting and inappropriate, there is no need for such changes.Think again. As for the Kremlin, it sounds like - let’s put the Tower of Babel in the Age IV.

This seems like way too much. The landmarks are mostly in a good place, just need some minor tweaks to the less used ones.


That’s not what I said. I said Spasskaya tower no longer unlocks stone walls. It was like that before. Instead, it buffs even more your fortified palisade wall.

I don’t think so.

In the current meta, most civs only have 1 good landmark at all ages. The second one are either useless or extremely situational.

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Yes, in fact the best system for the landmarks of aoe 4 would be that of the Asian wonders of aoe 3…in which you have only five landmarks per civilization, but each one is truly different and you can build any at any age…

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In order not to create another theme with the same name, I process to use this one. And just in case, on your topic:


Apparently the creators heard your idea, and have practically considered altering the effect of some Landmarks for Season 4. This happens due to the “efficiency” of some landmarks with certain play styles being too “optimal”… some others are used little or not at all. Without further ado, the news:

Commenting on the news:

Good! That was missing, some landmarks have the problem that because another one is “too” viable for certain builds, they leave the other one quite little used. Being direct: the English “Abbey of Kings”, whose effect is not bad, but pales too much with that of the Council Hall".

The problem is that Council Hall, its effect is so obvious and effective, that it almost always limits English gameplay to “longshot archer rushing”, when they also have early men-at-arms rushing available. On top of that, the Abbey of King stops having much use at 3rd age when you can build monks, and early rush archers can already “heal themselves” using the camp ability.

About the topic:

Since the devs are listening to us, if anyone has proposals for the Abbey of Kings, or another landmark, without clearly altering too much the historical and representative concept of it, welcome.

That’s great…i always feel that some landmarks were very inefficient and useless in too much cases…i was proposed in one moment that they reduce the number of landmarks to five landmarks more used,but with you can advance with anyway of them in any age how happens in aoe 3…