Landmarks viability (quality of gamelife suggestion)

Please make a real alternative to the landmarks selection. Now its always the same. For example the english civ is forced to build the longbows landmark because the other landmark is useless. Thanks


I agree that it is very important to make the landmark selection harder(at every age and for every civ). This way the game makes much more fun. In the case of the English the developers have already made a great job in the PUP (season 1 beta on steam) in strengthen the Abbey of Kings landmarks. The healing rate is increased from 4 health/1.5 seconds to 6 health/ 1 second. This way the selection for feudal age is much harder.


I dont think so, if you are under attack(rush meta) that landmark is still useless.

But you’re English, it is supposed that your the attacker, so a forward abbey of kings can be very strong… I just imagine a rotation mma wounded under tc fire with other with full health regenerated under abbey… Can be very strong

Curious how much the Abbey improvement combined with the MAA improvements will affect feudal landmark selection for english. It’s a pretty large boost, but the Council Hall is just so strong from an early military / eco disruption perspective. Abbey seems like it could shine more as the game goes on than the council hall. Is this enough to make it viable?

Don’t know, we have to try. Or atleast watch pro doing it

i ask for something simple, there are to many useless landmarks not just one :smiley: Anyway if u dont use the longbow landmark is more difficult to rush if you play english you should know it

With the next patch English start with more wood, mma have extra armor and faster training. I think rushing in first age with mma and stop gold gathering from enemy can be viable. In 2 minutes you have one mma in enemy base. Drop abbey on front for hp recover of your mma… You don’t need longbow. It’s another possibile open. It’s welcome
Also HRE will have a big revamp of their landmarks.
Other big changes are coming with next patch, we will see

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Here is some immature pipedream suggestions I have for what i consider imbalanced landmarks compared to their counterparts


Abbey of Kings: In addition to the current bonus, allow it to function as a barracks with a small(20%?) cost reduction to Man at Arms

Chamber of Commerce: Also reduces sent tribute fees to 10%

Royal Institute: Access Imperial unique techs for 50% cost reduction

Red Palace: In addition to current bonus, stables and Archery ranges in its influence produce 200% faster

Elzbach Palace: 200% HP of a keep, Buildings and units in influence take 33% less damage.

Kurultai: In addition, Khan recharges his special arrow abilities twice faster when in the influence of a Kurultai

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That’s not bad, but I would have personally increased the area of healing, maybe connecting it to the network of castle area connected to the landmark, so tho actually easily heal all your vills or military.

MaA are strong mostly because they don’t have a counter beside knights and other MaA, they don’t need the abbey on top of them. And even so, having a prelate or a scholar behind your army would be more efficient.

In my opinion, the abbey should be chosen when there is no point on rushing the enemy with longbows, then you get a defensive landmark that allows your vills to survive more, and your military to better count enemy units.

Problem is, that right now the english meta isn’t really towards a fast castle or imp towards booming, so there isn’t really much reward for choosing this strategy, then again the english aren’t really my main civ…

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