Language option in desktop effecting the game

Okay so this has been a long time issue since AOE2 as well.

If I have my typing language as another language (in my case, Korean), nothing you do in the game will work. Changing the language back to English before alt+tabing into the game can be a forgetful and unnecessary task.

By the time you alt+tab again to change the language to English, then alt+tab back to the game, too much time as passed and you are already behind.

Come on. This should not be a problem with a game that was released in 2021… Dota, SC2, even Broodwar doesn’t have this problem…

Usually you can switch quickly between your installed keyboardlayouts in Windows by using the Alt + Shift keycombination.
No matter if you are on the desktop or a game is already running.

Yeah sure there must be shortcuts. But that is still an unnecessary action. I’m sure it’s an easy “fix”. 20 year old games can do it.